Mexican Gang Decides To Try Something New

I’m a little late on this one but keeping an active video host is a total bitch.. as usual. Anywho, a gang in Mexico City, Mexico, decided to switch things up from the normal beheadings/shooting/stabbings we are so used to seeing. Apparently, the so-called victim in the video was a rapist and raped a woman sometime in August. I’m not sure if the woman was related to one of the dudes who carried out the attack or not, but he got it pretty bad. The men handcuffed the alleged rapist after giving him a beating, stripped him naked and then set a hungry pit bull loose on him. The dog ripped the man’s dick and balls off with no problem and even ate them after. All while the man screams in pain and for the other men to please leave him alone before they shove a rag in his mouth to shut him up. The men posted the video online soon after it was taken last month, letting everyone in the area know that this is what will happen if you rape a woman. I’m not sure if the man survived the mauling but I would bet it’s a no.

Thanks to @re-pete for the vid!

31 thoughts on “Mexican Gang Decides To Try Something New

  1. Givin’ the dog a bone!

    Old mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to get her poor dog a bone.
    When she got there found the cupboard was bare. The young dog had none.
    She grabbed the young rapist and called for her dog.
    And fed her dog the rapist and his bone.

    I know it needs work but I’m tired and you get the idea I’d think so.

  2. Holly fuck ! ……..Now he can only reminisce those days when roamed the Mexican streets jerking his Phallus ; giving nightmares to the sexy twats every now and then and even raped with his sex pistol .Son of a bitch the dickster that he was !

    But irony is that the KARMA is just another bitch which hates sparing fuckers like these and won’t rest until it rattles their types and brings them to their right senses..
    Atleast the Dogs had the privilege of enjoying the best frankfurter in town . It would have been an added treat if both had to take turns shoving their dicks behind rapist’s ass after chomping off his genitals .
    See back then ;he forcibly had the girl bleed first when he did what he did ; but now he is bleeding ….kinda menstruating I must say. .

  3. Did you guys hear the latest News Update??? And i say this cause latest updated version states that the attacking Pit-bull, was actually a Pit-bull Cocker Spaniel mix. So The Title Fit The Bill Correctly when it clearly says that the,,,
    ****************Mexican Gang Decides To Try Something New******************

    Yea they wanted to try Something New Alright, cause it seams that they took a Cocker Spaniel and mixed-it with a Pit Bull, cause they the pure breed wouldn’t Play Ball. But that ended-up with devastating results. πŸ™

    *****************More Headlines Regarding This Devastating Attack*****************

    A Cocker Spaniel & Pit-Bull mix’s Owner/Trainer received severe Lower Abdominal/Crotch wounds after being Cocky and refusing to play ball without using the other 2 loose Pure Bred Pit-Bulls Bats. So because of this incident, Many Professional & Experienced breeders now believe that they were simply attacked by those 2 loose Pit Pulls in because they were Cockless

    ***********A Pit Bull Kills A Cock-Pit Spaniel’s Owner in Sicario Mexico************

    And Finally One Happy,,, Full,,, & (Non-Gay) Smiling Dogie, about to have Desert after being forced to Play Ball, by His Previous and (Now Deceased) Mexican Owner. So he eventually agreed to play,,, but by Eating The Balls & Cock Off-O-That-Prick!

    Ahhh,,, It’s A Dogs Life Ain’t-it ? lol. πŸ˜‰

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