Cray Cray Man Caught Killing

Cray Cray Man Caught Killing

This is one guy you do not want to piss off especially if he’s holding a sharp object. The video starts after the victim is already on the ground but the killer doesn’t give a shit and continues to use what looks like a pick ax to whack the man again and again. I believe he’s already dead but each hit is hard enough to cause the victim’s arms to fly up. The person recording is trying to do so while hiding and seems to catch the killer’s attention so he puts some distance between himself and the guy. Smart move because my ass would’ve sprinted across town after seeing psycho go to town like that.

Thank you to our awesome man @re-pete

35 thoughts on “Cray Cray Man Caught Killing

  1. The place looked desolate for all that the camera could capture till the end or even if there were people around they preferred to stay away rather poke their nose with the guy who
    probably had an axe to grind with the lain down fella. whose rib cage or the face assumingly must have been whacked to a pulp .

    • @daniela
      This is turning into a sissy censored world for the weak, so they take down any video they can when they come across one that’s too graphic for them.
      I’ll try to get the video for you though, I have it some where in my files.

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