Big Accident Leaves A Couple Dead

Big Accident Leaves A Couple Dead

Hey guys, long time no see. Today, we’ve got some good ol’ fashioned gore from a road accident. Two people got smeared across the road and they’re not doing so good. I see a motorcycle in the background that I’m assuming they were riding on hence their very dead status. The one looks like a pretzel pulling positions that any gymnast would be jealous of. I see no helmets but who really cares because it wouldn’t have done a damn thing for either of them.

Thank you @re-pete

31 thoughts on “Big Accident Leaves A Couple Dead

    • Hahaa ! Hey sis, that was something she wanted to hide , but her panties just gave it away to .
      Now it looks bigger than a cave’s adit.

      I hope ya’re doing good . Be well.

        • Sis, don’t ya worry ,as everything is gonna be alright. Remember , Good friends are the ones, who always
          stay by ,even when ya’re down and out , but when ya’ve big bucks
          to blow, those fair weather friends
          always tend to double cross ya and linger by. You’ve everyone of us hereon RGM as your friend.

          I’m well , BTW thanks for your concern. Peace and Love to ya.

          • @blucon

            Totally hun!..ik ALL of you are my framily here!… Life is a bitch,but imma HEAD cuntress!..A bitch, ain’t got shit on ME yo!….this fucking hangover though..maaaan..It’s making me turn into a bitch!..😭😭
            Yeahhh,idfc anymore if im a loner again irl..i prefer it that way anyway…if you don’t let them in,they can’t hurt you…

            I’m glad you’re well my love…Ive missed our conversations…I still love your comments…sweetest of dreams my dear brother…i gotta try to sleep this off… I hurt REALLY bad,been throwing up majority of the day…i still taste blood..πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯


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