Man Shoots Himself

Man Shoots Himself

Hey guys, long time no see. There’s a bit of a shortage on content at the moment so anyone who has something they’d like to share please feel free to send it in. This happened on April 4th in Cambodia where 41 year old Keo Sothareth ended his life. Security footage shows Keo at the shooting range and he wastes no time putting the gun to his head and pulling the trigger. One of the instructors, I assume, catches him and keeps him upright as blood pours from his head onto the table. The little info available says that the motive is most likely due to him suffering from a disease although what kind is unknown.

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48 thoughts on “Man Shoots Himself

  1. Its always disappointing when a shooter fails to hit the bullโ€™s eye and this moron was no different . These past so many days and Several of those failed attempts later ; he decided its time;the shooting range is not where he was supposed to be .
    NIRVANA was screaming out to him and his temples were itching , hard and it simply took a bullet rather pill for him to attain both of it in a deadening flash .

  2. Ah, the land of The Killing Fields. Imagine just a few decades ago one could just join up with the bloodthirsty Khmer Rouge ape men, get a gun or a club and kill all the counterrevolutionaries you wanted. Now you have to rent a gun in a nice air conditioned shooting range just to blow your own brains out. Progress is grand.

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