Douchebag Encourages Suicidal Man To Jump Off Bridge

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Sooo.. Most of us have dealt with the issue of suicide at one point or another in our lives, whether it was someone else or ourselves. And we know the last thing needed was some piece of shit adding fuel to the fire by encouraging those types of thoughts. But that’s exactly what this douchebag does. He sees a man contemplating suicide and standing backwards on a bridge. So he pulls out the camera and proceeds to say, “Jump. Jump, nigga. Jump. I wanna see his ass go.” while the man readies himself to jump. And then he does. Apparently, this happened somewhere around Atlanta, Georgia.

32 thoughts on “Douchebag Encourages Suicidal Man To Jump Off Bridge

  1. It takes all kinds of pricks and slits to make this world . And to top it all , there ain’t no dearth of contemptible individuals surrounding our immediate world . Some of them are totally compassion less remorseless headless and basically to call them human at heart would be a dumbest mistake.

    The motherfucker across the road in a car watching the man found another entertaining minute ought not to be missed out so he decides to prompt him thinking the suicidal bloke may suddenly change his mind ; and that he thought would be in a bad taste .
    So he continues unabated till he succeeds in seeing that poor fella’s ass go down the bottom from the edge . He thought he hit a jackpot with his voice over plus a live action recording as another bananzial add -on to show and boast off to his colleagues who may be the same like this very shitbag.

    • Ya see how unfair would it be to say “He should have shut his fucking mouth, put his car in gear, and got his ass under the bridge to film”
      Hey but in all practicality this sprog’s plight was understandable as he was caught up in the middle of slow moving thick traffic and there was no way he could have squeezed in his way out
      through . The only way out was to jabber , bide time and out of frustration prompt someone to dare do the “impossible as possible” for his eyes only up until he was off with his car . All he wanted was to sit cozily through and film the saga unfolding without taking the trouble of getting his fartish ass under the bridge to film as that would have been too much of a painstaking exercise for him

  2. Reminds me of a couple of other cases here in the US. The most famous being the case of the girl goading her boyfriend to commit suicide via text then playing the grieving partner to her friends and family. I think she got some time for that, and rightfully so in my opinion.

    The other lesser known incident that comes to mind are the kids who filmed and joked around watching a man drown. That’s shitty to do but not a crime apparently. I get it that you cannot compel someone to help another, but you have to be a very cold person to not only watch a person drown, but to also record and laugh at him at the same time. I believe it was a group of teens that did that. Makes you wonder what kind of parents those kids have.

  3. The guy filming wasn’t calling out to the suicidal guy. He is just talking to himself (not yelling) in his car with the window up. So jumping man didn’t hear any of what he said.
    Still, I would have gotten out and tried to reason with him not to do it, but that’s just me. This guy talking didn’t do anything to promote the suicide…….

  4. Some asshole did that to me, one time I was depressed and was looking down to jump and somebody from a passing car yelled out “JUMP” so many assholes in the world anymore. Should’ve jumped and my ghost would have been haunting him forever. Oh the trick just keep repeating “I have unfinished business to attend to”.

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