Mexican Cartels Do What They’re Best At

Mexican Cartels Do What They're Best At

Hey guys, it’s been a while I know but I was out of commission for a bit with some stuff but I’ve got a video here for you guys. This is from our Mexican cartel friends who live to kill. It’s actually a lot less brutal than what we usually see from them but they have a small group of men down on their knees as they begin to interrogate them and of course any translation would be greatly appreciated. Shortly after, the firing squad lines up and within seconds the victims are riddled with bullets and so many are flying at them that they’re hidden by dust clouds. There’s no surviving that one but they sure got lucky that they were just shot to death versus the many types of murder these sick bastards commit.

Thank you to Mr @re-pete for this video!

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  1. Ha ha !! the interviewer was jabbering like a parrot and it
    was sheer fun hearing the three idiots speak up to whatever questions they were asked to field and finally it all got over with bullets raining down,riddling the trio to kingdom come .
    However its been promised that some of the missed out lessons are gonna be taught at their deathly abode .
    Mexico and Brazil.are another Fucked up gigantic gutter holes matching the size of celestial hells

  2. Its not too many times one gets to see , scenes of brutality committed ; laced up with oodles of blue funk , when victims go in an earnest answering mode replying point blank to any bullshit.

    Three of them had edged to the borderline , replying to that badass
    questionnaire and they must have thought joining a cartel was as easy as a walk to a nearby park even when it came to escaping from the clutches of a rival cartel .
    Best of all the barbarous cartel had kept their last wish of not to send them packing separately ; since they all were childhood friends who had schooled together .Screwing, fucking every life in unison they came across.

    Oh yeah !The trio were bosom friends …! that’s what they say..

    • Hee ya ! hey !! hey !!! hey !!!! did ya know sister that
      ya’d been sorely missed too for about a fortnight or so I hope ya’re in the pink of your bubbly health and doing good .
      We know how lethal weapons do the talking , don’t we ?

    • @ladywicked666 <3

      CJNG: What’s your name?
      Flaco: Porfirio Levo
      CJNG: What do they call you?
      Flaco: El Flaco
      CJNG: Where are you from?
      Flaco: Morelia, MichoacΓ‘n
      CJNG: Why are you here?
      Flaco: For being a kidnapper

      CJNG: What’s your name?
      Gordo: Jorge Rangel
      CJNG: Where are you from?
      Gordo: Morelia, Michoacan
      CJNG: What do they call you?
      Gordo: El Gordo
      CJNG: Why are you here?
      Gordo: For kidnapping

      CJNG: You know Cartel Jalisco is in Morelia? Morelia belongs to Cartel Jalisco! You thought you could use those shitty guns against us?

      Both: No sir

      CJNG: Then why did you kidnap when the lady told you, crying, that her other son was sick?

      Flaco: For being an dumbass sir

      CJNG: Cartel Jalisco is from Morelia and Morelia belongs to Cartel Jalisco

      CJNG: What’s your name?
      Chocoflan: Ricardo Angel Martinez
      CJNG: What do they call you?
      Chocoflan: El Chocoflan
      CJNG: Why are you here?
      Chocoflan: For being a grasshopper and for selling drugs in the neighborhoods
      CJNG: Why do you give a fuck if you can just relax?
      Chocoflan: For being a dumbass
      CJNG: You know already, you’re just being a dumbass

      CJNG: So you can see, grasshoppers and Morelians, Cartel Jalisco is in Morelia and Morelia is Cartel Jalisco’s!

      @littlefoot <3

  3. They speak so fast, but what I understood was that the first guy was there for kidnapping someone, and the second one for selling drugs at a bar, or spiking drinks at the bar, I didn’t really understood because mexicans sound like Speedy Gonzales on speedos… πŸ˜†

  4. If the cartel is lining people up to execute them, then chances are they did something wrong, and the cartel is not just a group of β€œsick bastards”. In Mexico if you kill, rape, etc, you’re going to pay for it. When you see these videos, majority of them are paying for what they did. I just watched a video of 3 men get killed for raping someones sister. πŸ‘πŸ» Served their asses right.

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