Cops Kills Himself In Front Of Ex-Girlfriend

On Monday, March 18, 2019.. Edilberto Ortiz Correa, police captain and head of the Special Security Operation Group in Medellin, Colombia walked into the shop where his ex girlfriend was working and shot himself in the head in front of her. Apparently, the couple had just broken up and Correa was very much against the breakup. So, while at work and on duty and assigned to patrol the area his ex was working in, he made a stop by her job and decided to blow his head off while she watched. I think she was over the breakup because she doesn’t seem to be too freaked out over it.

49 thoughts on “Cops Kills Himself In Front Of Ex-Girlfriend

    • Too true @trainwreck the way it looked there is a possibility they seemed to have had a strained relationship but had carried on nonetheless and then parted ways .However while the man couldn’t resist thronging the place where she worked the woman on the other hand seemed least interested .She hardly was bothered when he pulled out that pistol . She didn’t even yell or attempt to stop him for old time’s sake ..
      He was a fool to have ended his life that way as if she was the only fucking cunt left in the whole of Colombia .

      • @blucon If I guy can off himself over a female then there wasnt much to him to begin with. We can only speculate what happened in their relationship, or to it, we don’t even know how long they were together. If this was still a new relationship (up to 8 months or so) then you know the guy was a whack job

        • Ellen@trainwreck Its silly how some people get so obsessed finding it forever hard to come out of a relationship . Though separated this baboon took her to be his ultimate destiny beyond which he couldn’t see …… “whack job,” so it seems like because when there’s stability in a relationship one can’t think of taking this sorta drastic step instead it is discussed out and both go their separate ways coolly.
          I’m hoping now atleast their SOG outfit will have a new captain with a sane mind who wouldn’t go pulling pistol like a toy.

    • Hahaha stupid as a stupid does . Tell me what was the need for him to have upped and offed himself it was more like a scene from a romantic movie he enacted but the fool decided to quit life .
      The cold blooded bitch really gave zero fucks and he may have had thought once his pistol is out she’ll go pronto on her knees and give him a good blow job asking for a reconciliation with bundles of apologies and her cleavage to show. But this piggy died in vain .
      BTW how is ya sis@ladywicked666 ?

  1. No wonder then if Ortiz Correa, the police captain and head of
    the Special Security Operation Group in Medellin, Colombia was a gigolo then there is no telling how many more gigolos disguised in uniform must be there on their pay roll .Not to speak of the unending bliss they enjoy for having cash doled out to them one as a gigolo outside the premise of official duty by their woman and another being part of the SOG group being on their acquittance roll .
    Don’t ya think its a win win situation in Colombia @theluvmuscle Some folks have best of both the worlds!

  2. She had plenty of time to try and stop him, especially when he had realized the safety was still on, or she thought he was bluffing.

    Her new guy was like “Wow, I’m shocked, so ummm..I don’t know…should we celebrate or…”

  3. I agree with almost everyone here. This woman gave no Fucks; both figuratively and literally! Cold bitch! I can’t stand that in a person of whatever gender but I hate it more in the fairer sex. Yep.. I am old-fashioned and expect women to be more caring on average than men! So Sue me.

  4. Her lack of shock tells me that this wasn’t the first time he threatened to kill himself for some reason or other and seeing how extremely calm she is makes me think she’s silently hoping that he didn’t fuck it up and giving him a few seconds in case he did

  5. What happened here ? Ain’t no one lives in this house of GORE? Its strangely deep dark spooky and eerily silent after the last gore feed on March 27th 2019 .With such long periods of indolence where the others are left starving ;the HOUSE KEEPER must come out of the oubliette and relive the great legacy of what ” RGM” is all about.

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