Guy Gets Stuck In A Machine

Guy Gets Stuck In A Machine

Look at this lazy bum doing everything in his power not to work. He gets himself caught up in a machine just so he can take the day off. Now they’ve got to take the time to get him out of there and a whole day’s worth of work has been ruined. That is so rude and inconsiderate. Seriously though, working with machines is dangerous as hell and workers are at such a high risk of death even with strict safety regulations. Be careful out there kids!

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  1. I wonder what song was running through the sawyer’s head? That has to be one of the most manly situations known to mankind .. (and I ain’t sure which man am referring to) .. that situation looks sore .. machine accidents are my favourite because the carnage is always amazing .. I wish I could open a wacky and wild factory with lots of different machines. I would “employ” those thoroughly convicted of atrocious crimes and get them to “operate” the machinery .. The factory would generate revenue from pay per view live streaming and it would also do society a favour .. All the different machines we could make!! ..

    • @trainwreck …..Mostly those fucking stupid mindless accidents what ya get to see here on RGM keep pouring in from China alone . As it is , those slant eyed scrooges hardly follow safety norms ; add to that they employ a work force which either fucking finds themselves out of place or just they are there just for the heck of it ; not knowing “a” nor ” b” nor “c”.
      And they have qualms about emerging as another super power with all the flaws attached in all spheres .

          • @blucon just when you think I’m gone forever I pop back up to reel you back in and drive you bananas. You’d think the novelty of my presence would wear out but nope

          • Ellen@trainwreck I know ya ain’t gonna go anywhere let alone be gone forever. Your popping back turns out to be quite an impetus as far as me is concerned cause a babe like ya can make things happen merely at the drop of a hat . Oh yeah I love going bonkers and bananas when Ellen is the name .
            Hell yeah ! the novelty of your presence won’t wear off any
            time soon cause ya make people swoon.

          • @blucon Well shit I fancied myself as a wordsmith but you sir used a word that I’ve never heard before…impetus. Hot damn I learned a new word today. And no never gone for good but I’m always gone for good reasons. I now have a 14 year old can you fucking believe it? He was really young when I started coming onto the site that we shall not repeat its name. I think he was 4 …Wow I think he was 4. Holy shit I’ve known you for a long time

          • @blucon I just thought about it, i spent a long time just looking at the content before i started commenting because of douchebags in the comment section. They were irritating with their “Omg I’m so hardcore look at me look at me” comments. Dude was I love fucking dead people…sure right dude whatever freak. Sorry rant over

      • I agree @blucon the mindless, unskilled labor keeps pouring in from the countryside, as replaceable as a set of chopsticks.
        What does the boss care, if occasionally one gets killed, or maimed, just don’t “break his rice bowl”.
        We’re talking about people who wouldn’t know how to use a flush toilet without instructions, and they put them on complicated, monotonous, poorly designed machines.
        Not just mindless accidents though blucon. Some of these fuckers are driven mad by the shear mind numbing monotony, and shit wages to the point of suicide, for example the fuckers who take the dive into molten steel vats to end there misery.


        • @beelzebub with their populace at the point of explosion , Chinkies are no more than a colony of ants Stereotypical in all ways .Consider this when ya have so many mouths to feed back home any job is , a
          big “welcome”; to tide over miseries But the catch is …… due to the lack of wherewithals the man power engaged in carrying out highly qualified jobs come to rest upon asinines because the employer is unwilling to pay the right wages /pay packets to the suitable candidates hence what ya have is; mishaps happening on a daily basis but who the fuck cares as long as the demands are met and the employer laughs his arse off to the bank with cash registers ringing.
          Like robots they go about their daily lives with shit happening non stop.

  2. Well, well ,well….Ellen @trainwreck You’re a wordsmith naturally a fact you can keep fancying and be proud of . Your on and off visits to the site make me wonder where do ya go to actually !? Never mind…… But one thing I always;am sure of is that ya’re gonna pop up out of the blue any how and believe me its always fun having ya on the site and then there was this Judy who’s been sorely missed … ya know that Aussie babe right ? Come to think of it I guess almost a decade has passed us by since the two of us got to know each other on BG and now here …..and I’m glad to learn that little fella of 4 years is now a teen of 14 .
    Hahaha don’t let those irritable comments rub you off . For me that contemptible lot doesn’t matter much being a bad medicine as I
    easily loathe over by not interacting at all acting innocent in a guise of a troll they know not but I do know what hues and the psyche they come in with.
    Stay on ,stay put and take care ………………… muah !

    • @isshinryu They did try very hard, that one man was desperate to keep him safe it kind of made me sad watching him panic like that. He didn’t even care that the sparks were hitting him just as long as the injured (dead) fellow wasn’t. Hopefully this hasn’t traumatized him too much.

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