Person Is Strangled

Person Is Strangled

So, I said person in the title because I honestly can’t tell if this is a male or a female. Sometimes it looks like a man and other times an older woman but I seriously can’t tell. I think it might be an older lady. No matter the gender, they’re getting their poor ass beat. Surrounded by a group of very angry people kicking and yelling while one has a string around their neck trying to strangle. The video gets too shaky and chaotic to really see much else so I don’t know what their fate was by the end of this.

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21 thoughts on “Person Is Strangled

  1. @10 sec – It looks like a bitch of the species.
    But this was a farce!
    All those people and between them they can’t hold the person down to give them a nice strangling session.
    Stupid idiots. I’m surprised they manage to wake up each day.

  2. I’m going with chick with a dick here..Im not going back to get the exact second,but her boxers looked a little big?..but i saw itty bitty titties too,sooo,chick with a dick?.. Why did they all run off when they shot it? This video is evidence of you being part of a crowd,not that your country would give a fuck anyways,bout ladyboy up here,dying…tf?.. Aww,don’t you love, how they ALL grew jiminy crickets,at the same time,and ran off together?!..How sweet!..😂😒😒😂

  3. That’s a guy btw, and well, the executioneers had other plans for him, like strangling him and choking him to death, but he wasn’t cooperating, so they shot him. 😀 Looks like this guy had it easy, was kinda the best decision to just go for the quick death.

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