God Misplaces Giant Scrotum

Mother Nature Misplaces Giant Scrotum

You know, life is just so cruel sometimes. It’s bad enough when you’re dealing with a tumor, let alone a huge one that takes up your entire face and to add to the misery it looks like a huge pair of balls. Is it just me or does the guy handling her seem to know how to properly cup and fondle the scrotish tumor? He’s been unknowingly practicing most of his life for this case. The poor lady also has skin issues along one of her arms as well as her back. I’d love to see the surgery for this and the after pics. I’m sure they can’t make her look completely normal but for god’s sake get those tumor testes off of her face already.

43 thoughts on “God Misplaces Giant Scrotum

  1. If this was a guy:

    Does this “tumor” shrink when it’s cold outside?

    Does he scratch his “chin” everytime he wakes up?

    His doctor says he’s the easiest patient to give a hernia test to.

    Rednecks fight over who gets to hang him on their hitch.

    I’m here all week folks!

  2. I grew a small thin penis looking thing in the middle of my lower lip a few years ago… It had no feeling in it, so I just cut it off with a pair of sharp scissors. Each time I cut it off, it grew back a little bit longer! Doctor said it was something to do with pregnancy hormones at the time. I had to have it cauterized off at the hospital in the end, but not before it grew about 3″ long! Sheesh! The things we women have to put up with. Lip penises are not my favourite thing to walk around with while pregnant. Ha!

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