Bloated Floater Does the Duck Face

A bloated floater lazily drifted ashore with murder on it’s mind! This putrid, decomposer with the the swollen duck lips was packing heat in his shorts or um… somewhere (I’ll leave it to all y’alls imaginations). I’ve heard of these types, they lure you in with their pouty lips and then BAM! Two to the dome. Never trust corpses, people.

Orrrr… maybe he was just shot in the head and dumped. But come on people, which scenario is more entertaining?

17 thoughts on “Bloated Floater Does the Duck Face

  1. My theory is kinda like your’s on that, I believe this is one of the swamp hunters, a person that hides in the water pretending to be a corpse, then when people comes to investigate he jumps out with his silly looking face, and while the people are distracted laughing at him, he kills them, steals their shit, and awaits the next victim… Good thing the cops managed to capture this bastard before he killed anyone else. 😆

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