WTF?! Fucked Up Leg

WTF?! Fucked Up Leg

Alright gorrier experts, I’m gonna need your help on this one to figure out if this is real or fake and if real what in the hell happened. A guy is showing off his leg and it’s seen better days. This could be some really good makeup application with how rough he is pulling his pant leg and sock up but maybe it’s legit. His pants are torn up and if it’s an actual injury it looks like he either burnt it or as @gorycory suggested a bad case of road rash. His hand also looks similar so if it’s fake it’s a nice makeup job and if it’s real it probably hurts like a bitch.

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  1. If his leg was that toasted, the heat that did it would’ve burned all his clothes off as well. That looks like extreme heat for quite a while, hotter than any regular fire. It does have a made up, makeup look to it, with the mesh on top and some weird angles to it, not natural. His pants, or whatever they are, have been cut, rather than burned, on some of the edges.

  2. Reminds me of that vid of a SWAT team member who put the flash bang grenade in his pocket. He thought he put the pin back correctly, but he didn’t and it went off right in his thigh pocket. Pretty much the same injury and shredding of pantleg.

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