Little Boy Gets A Toy Stuck In His Throat

Am I bad person for giggling at the first part of the video? I felt like I should feel bad but it’s almost Friday and my conscience dies on the weekends. This kid from I don’t know where.. somehow got a toy stuck in his throat. The toy was some kind of little horn that makes noise when you breathe into it or squeeze it or something. Which is why it’s going bbbbooooooeeeeeepppp every time the kid breathes. They obviously medicated him to knock him out enough so they could grab the toy and pull it out. And that’s what they do. It was a lot bigger than I expected though. How the hell did that go down his throat?

38 thoughts on “Little Boy Gets A Toy Stuck In His Throat

    • Come on now, why so serious? The kids alright, it was hilarious,and there’s a million jokes to be made.
      I mean it’s not like he was whistling past the grave yard, and he sure wasn’t whistling Dixie.
      What?…OK, I get it, I can take a hint, I’ll shut up now.

      • @beelzebub Hey ya’ ol’ pinhead 😉 NP, sound off, the kid’s are alright. These kids I tell ya’, everything in the mouth or up his nose it goes. The vid reminds me of a dog chomping away on his squeaky toy. Good thing most toys, even a pen cap have holes to breath just in case something’s swallowed, this still happens to adults!

          • Ha! Bro @blucon I believe there just may be a market for a safety dildo of sorts. It can inflate and then have an emergency deflater just in case something gets stuck in THERE 😉 Or a ventilated skin flute! Safety first 🙂

          • Hey Bro @borntorun When the passion for such objects takes over ,the word ‘SAFETY’ takes a back seat only when its realized with a horror that the THING is stuck and there is no way other than a visit to a doctor to get it out .
            BTW ventilated skin flute! seems pretty innovative which might sing rock ballads and numbers when its taken right in by the pleasure taker who must stop at nothing letting out stream of farts ….(~_^)

        • In so naming them as phallic objects one must also remember that there always is a pertinent need to eat them finally ;after all the exhaustion the dildo taker have to endure
          and therefore they come in handy to chomp over as appetizers; half warm at anal cavity levels more like the oven thing !
          The plasticky stuff is worse which is licked over by the nurses and the Doctors who remain part hungry during their shifts and therefore those dildos also serve their purpose

          But I have to admit the way phallically objectified dildos behave which is pretty amazing as
          dildos want nothing else but the dark crevices pulsating within
          muscled holes either frontal or the posterior ones @beelzebub. They remain hungry for holes of the assholes forever.

        • @beelzebub, @borntorun, @blucon…Hey, you guys are really onto something here. All fruit and vegetables which can be sucked up by anal cavities should have a warning label affixed to them with instructions to hollow out a central hole through them prior to insertion, so that the bowels can continue to function until the object eventually decomposes inside. Also saves on Doc bills and the embarrassment of chuckles in the ER or OR.
          BTW, I thought all skin flutes were ventilated naturally.

          • I like that! GMO phallic edibles that can be digested from both ends.
            Think of the medical implications!
            I’m writing my congressman today!

  1. It looks like he had it in his mouth while he was running and he took a header and landed on his little face, shoving the toy way too far into his mouth. The kid was lucky that it was an object that allowed air to flow both ways. My mama always said, “Don’t run with sharp objects in your hand.” I guess his mama should have said: “Don’t run with anything in your mouth”.

      • @Schlitzie, “Sorry but you were begging for this”

        I have never begged for anything. It shows weakness and desperation.

        My motherhood status has no bearing at all on this conversation. I was recalling an incident when I was working as a registered nurse, where a child was brought in as she had been running around the house with a lollipop in her mouth. She fell flat on her face and the lollipop became partially lodged in her throat.

        Comments implying stupidity, especially from someone I don’t know, makes me wonder how cruel one person can be to another, like the bullies in elementary school picking on a little kid with a severe overbite and had to wear glasses. It’s not like he wanted to look like that. It’s just the way he was born. But children can be cruel. And some adults.

        I can’t comment on tea leaves, as I have no knowledge of them, though I would say I doubt they have any knowledge of me, either. 🙂

        Have a great day.

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