The Bare Bones of It

Many of you may already understand the reason why this site was created, or at least you think you do. We, the founders of riGOREmortis, were all regular members of the site Best Gore. We visited daily, contributed content and some of us even wrote for the site. We were loyal and supportive and felt we had finally found a place that was different; where the truth was revealed, a place to speak freely and openly and to be a part of something special. But the truth is: we were wrong.

What seemed like a site dedicated to the truth and freedom of speech was actually full of lies, scams, agendas and pure hypocrisy. Articles posted on the site were filled with false information to fit ridiculous agendas. Lies were spread about the site needing money and pleas for donations to keep the site going only to be put in the pocket of the ones running BG. Freedom of speech was only allowed when agreeing with the views of certain writers. The founder, Mark Marek, said again and again that we should question everything even the site itself. When any member did so, they were punished. Members were silenced for trying to find the truth, for questioning the information presented to them. No rules were broken yet punishment was meted out. Countless members were publicly humiliated, moderated and banned for going against the site. Best Gore became just as corrupt and deceiving as the mass media they criticize so much.

Every one of us witnessed things that we didn’t agree with on the site and some of us were privy to things going on behind the scenes but kept our mouths shut because, frankly, we were afraid. Afraid to speak out for fear that we would be singled out, moderated, banned etc. We didn’t want to be outcasts so we turned a blind eye to what was going on around us or even worse, we joined in. We are not completely innocent in this, no one is. But we got to the point where we said enough is enough. We’re tired of seeing members, new and old, treated unfairly, punished, silenced and banned from the site yet not breaking any rules. We stood up, not only for ourselves but for everyone on the site. And what happened to us? We were punished as well. Thrown out like trash and it didn’t matter the amount of time and effort we put into the site. We were deemed an enemy for standing up and speaking out. We could’ve just walked away with our tails between our legs but instead we saw this as an opportunity. The only way to make positive change is to do it yourself and that’s why we created this site. We saw something wrong and we acted to change it. We made this site to be a place where people can actually find the truth, to state their opinions without reprimand for not agreeing with the masses, to question everything in front of them without being punished, to have healthy, intelligent debates where you actually learn something, to feel like a part of a community.

This is not a dictatorship where one person calls all the shots and makes the rules. This is a team effort and we make the decisions together so that no single person has all the power allowing us to be fair and just. We know there are many of you out there who have been treated unfairly and silenced by Best Gore. We want to give you this opportunity to have your voice heard and share your story. If you wish to do so, email us at [email protected] and we’ll post it here or you can leave a comment down below. It’s time for all of us to come together and open our eyes to the truth. We hope that you’ll join us on this journey and enjoy what our site has to offer.

Now go look at some gore!

328 thoughts on “The Bare Bones of It

  1. Well I’ll start this off then. I was put into moderation after bringing up the unfair banning of another member. Said member did not break any rules and when I made a comment talking about it, it was immediately deleted and I was put into moderation. None of my comments would go through without the approval of the mods. I still tried to communicate through the public messaging system but eventually that was taken away too. Silenced for trying to stand up for a fellow member and friend.

    I should add as well that I got to a point where I was so pissed that I tried to delete my account but even that option was taken away. I couldn’t even ‘leave’ the place that had fucked me over. None of us can. They saw too many people leaving the site and their numbers started going down so they took away that option. They’re some of the biggest liars I’ve ever seen. All three of them and this whole ‘BG might be coming to an end’ is total bullshit. They just want people to freak out and give them more money so it can go right in their pockets. Gotta pay for Mark’s trip to wherever the fuck he went, right? Maybe skank’s 5 day vacation too. Fuck them.

  2. Hi Guys. I just sent you all an email from Tas tiger from back in may. I don’t know what happened to her because she hasn’t answered for a couple of months. Hasn’t been on BG since 2 months ago. But she had a prophesy about this new site, sort of. She mentioned the 4 of you in an email to me. Said you were her favorites on BG. Little foot, Stacy Jaxx, YourNextExGirl and Obli. Just the four of you. And now here you are. If any of you are in touch with her, please let me know if she is okay.

  3. I was put into moderation after the same thing @littlefoot was put in for at the same time. And then i told Crazy Bitch that she had become what she hated and she was a coward. Boom… banned. 4 years.. and then banned. Best thing that could’ve ever happened though. Crazy bitches gon’ be crazy bitches.

    The only thing i am completely thankful for about “that site”.. is that i met some wonderful people. Some of my best friends. Other than that… fuck them …with a big dick.

  4. I got lucky after I got banned for asking a couple of simple questions about what she was posting and about free speech. She censored me and I couldn’t post anything. But…I made a new account right when she went on a 5 day vacation and I started a forum post “why did I get banned for asking a question”, which stayed up till she got back. Then she stated that “moderators are not to be abused” for the reason for banning me for simply asking a question about her abusing others. Hypocrite.

    • ‘bestgore was taken from marek mark by a women of
      Georgian jew origin who lives in canada (acneska, real name: nina kouprianova)!
      when mark was in control of the site, the anti white racism, assimilation , multiracialism and the Jewish involvement in the mass immigration were constantly reported in articles.

      now with aceneska / nina kouprianova all pro-white writings were abandoned and replaced with a sick and fanatical adoration for putin , a feeling of hatred for the america and the American people And the discrediting of denunciations against Jewish supremacism using reverse psychology. Those ridiculous and unfounded theories blaming Jews for everything has the opposite purpose of sidelining any legitimate denunciations against the Zionists.

      • @carlosbroch01 I have seen you write this on several different sites and it’s incorrect. Acneska is not Nina Kouprianova. I have spoken to Nina twice. Acneska lives in the US and her real name is Agnes. Both females are crazy bitches, yes. But they are not the same person.

        • Nina kouprianova has been living in montana since 2011. I got to her after she posted on her facebook an identical post to an acneska post on bestgore.

          I’m 100% sure that nina kouprianova is acneska.

          Mark missed the site, or is being blackmailed by acneska

  5. Might as well join the wagon too lol

    I wrote there for two years (my last post was about Freemasonry) but only managed to pull off about 50 or less articles as time went by. Shit went down and it all went down the drain. I didn’t kicked from the website itself but I did resign and they gladly accepted my resignation. I willingly deleted my Best Gore account after all that happened. Why the fuck am I gonna stay on a place that treated me and my friends like shit? I am in no way a feminist or any of those ridiculous labels they spew on people when they feel their beliefs are threatened. I simply was referring to the obvious fact that she does not let anyone question her views more so her “superior” authority at Best Gore. She owns the website, she can do as she pleases so it’s best to leave her there. Along with her cronies who suckle on her wretched, gruesome teats.

    Best Gore is a religion and Acneska, Vasily and Mark are the Holy Trinity. They scam people for money, they spread bullshit, they claim what they are not and have a cult following which probably only average a sum of 70 points in IQ tests. They’d probably picket outside Mort Goldman’s house if they get the opportunity.

    I have nothing but hatred for Best Gore now over what they’ve done to me and my friends. Yes, I am bitter as fuck. I LOVED Best Gore. I graduated university with Best Gore, I got engaged with Best Gore, I met some of the most wonderful people in my life with Best Gore and that’s how they treat us? Through years of loyalty and almost silent obedience, they throw us like a dirty diaper and kick us like an empty soda can JUST BECAUSE we think Acneska is going too far with her extremist, illogical views? My SO was right. All of us are too good for shitty ass Best Gore. Leaving Best Gore might probably one of the best things we’ve done or else we wouldn’t have created this website – a better website and, as Obli penned himself, ‘the website Best Gore should have been.’

    I want this comment to be the last time I’d talk about what happened to us and with Best Gore. I will make no mention of what happened again because I want to get past that and focus with riGOREmortis and expand its horizons and look at the potential growth we can have over this website.

    I don’t wish them to be screwed with a big dick. A big dick is too good for them. I wish they get fucked over by a whore and they get terrible, pus-dripping, terrible-smelling, sexually transmitted diseases. That’s really all they need. Maybe that’s what’s going to cure them.

  6. Hey guys glad to hear you’re up and running 🙂 I wasn’t moderated on BG but I did have a few comments deleted when asking for answers about what happened to @theluvmuscle

    I was rapidly getting sick and tired of the views in the descriptions and found the descriptions more offensive than I would ever have found the content. I made my swift exit although I couldn’t actually delete my account. I went back for another go and it has already been ‘marked as spam’ so there we go!

    Very happy you guys got together and can’t wait to see what you’ve got 🙂

  7. It’s time to set the record straight here as far as my reasons for leaving Best Gore. I have heard time and again that I left over a disagreement with Acneska. I guess that’s one way you could put it, but only in the most base way possible. I left because I saw what the site was and I was tired of keeping my mouth shut and turning a blind eye to the censorship of members. I was corrupted by power, I freely admit it, but it got to the point where I had made so many good friends and then to see them treated like garbage and censored or even flat out banned for not conforming to Acneska’s views was just too much. On Best Gore, you agreed with her or kept your mouth shut. We had to delete comments that did the very thing Mark Marek told us to do, “question everything, even us”. As I said, the power I had caused me to overlook things and even participate in censoring people and I feel ashamed now for the part I played.

    I loved Best Gore. I lived it, breathed it for over four years. I was solely dedicated to the site and wanted to see it grow and thrive. I believed much of the same bullshit that it’s brainwashed members still cling to. But seeing the oppression continue to grow unabated and unchecked to the point where long time members were quitting and those who remained were too afraid to speak…I just could not pretend I was doing the right thing. So I did do the right thing and I quit. I regret not speaking out against it sooner. Many of my friends were banned but many do not know the truth as to why they were banned. It was not because they are brainwashed “feminazis”. It never had anything to do with feminism. They were asking Acneska simple questions about why she feels the way she does about women and wishing to understand. The absolute hatred that “woman” has for women is abnormal. Anything a woman does that is in the least bit feminine means she is noting but a slut and open to ridicule. It’s ridiculous. She’s either trying so hard to be Mark that she’s taken it to the nth degree or she is a dyke filled with so much hatred that she fits right in to Mark’s ideology. But as I said, she just goes way too far with it. Banning and silencing long time members and supporters over her own insecurities and inability to connect with people is inexcusable and as I said, I could not longer pretend it was ok. Ultimately I was silenced and put into mod myself for speaking out against her. I approved a bunch of comments of members who had been placed in mod for no reason other than asking the “wrong” questions. I defended them and paid the price for it. There was no argument between Acneska and myself. I simply did the right thing. Took me a while…but I did the right thing.

    We ran a public forum. We all promoted ourselves as misanthropes and for the most part that is true. Many of us are what would be termed “anti-social”, but… we were a public forum. To be in Acneska’s position and run a public site, to have the job she has, you need to have people skills. It’s a must. There are so many people who thought I was the one in charge of Best Gore. Not because of the content I put out or because of being a mod or any of that, but because I connected to the members. I took the time to talk to them and engage them. I cared about each and every one of them and wanted to know what they thought about things. I encouraged open discussions and I answered questions honestly when they were posed to me. You can say “it’s just a website”, but no, I met some of the best people in my life because of that site and it was so hard to hand in my resignation to Mark. But it had to be done, I cannot work for hypocrites and cowards. I cannot work for dictators who see themselves as above everyone else. I loved writing for the site and I loved everyone there but it had to be done. I had to move on.

    I met the love of my life there, but Best Gore has to be put in the past now as we have a bright new future here at riGOREmortis.

    • I’m glad you’ve finally shared your story as there were too many assumptions as to what happened. It definitely hit you the hardest because of everything you put into the site but if someone so dedicated can see it for what it is and move to change then anyone can. In the end it worked out because now we have this amazing site to call home 🙂

    • @obli you know I have precious little time to visit the BG site so I didn’t see a whole lot of what was happening. But I did see a post by you where you tried expressing what you have written here. It was honest and fair and I had hoped that whatever issue was going on with the site would clear up. My respect to you for trying as hard as you did and declaring your honest role and self assessment. As I said, I didn’t see a lot of it but I did notice a clear difference in the way people commented on posts. It just didn’t seem, well, as fun… if that makes any sense. For what it’s worth you have my support for your dedication and work. Thank you and the rest of the team for keeping the movement going forward here at RGM.

  8. It’s good to see you guys here! Thank you @theluvmuscle for sending me the link the other day! BG obviously deleted it, but it was saved to my email… Hehe.
    Just got here and going to look around, but just wanted to say, I was a lurker for years on BG and only commented a few times. I never agreed with that dyke (does anyone really know WHAT it is?) but it bothered me that the few times I did call her out on her bullshit, it was deleted. Then I saw members that I had seen posting for years disappearing and it just didn’t feel the same.
    So, thank you for coming together and creating another place for us. That is cool as fuck guys!!! 😉

      • You’re so right. The intelligence level keeps dropping by the ounce.
        Kinda sad, specially since the site’s ideologies are to educate and open your eyes. But it’s dumbing people. Thus attracting fucken retards and radicals

    • Glad to see you made it @hunter1031!!! I tried messaging you quite some time ago when you reached out to me but my messaging privileges were taken away so I’m not sure if you ever received my reply. But thank you for checking in on me and I’m glad someone let you know about the site. Welcome!! 🙂

  9. So this is where the soul of the site went… 😀 Feels nostalgic to see the old members in here. Re-Pete told me to talk to LF, so here i am, and i bring my crappy comments with me… 😆 Thank you both. 😀

    Anyways, i wonder if the removal of the private message system in there was that “thing’s” nasty work as well, because i find it too convinient that it was the only feature that kept people conspiring against him/her/it in mass… even that was not safe apparently. I believe that the only thing that spared me on that site is that, since i live with a narcissistic sociopath myself, i know better to not give it any attention when that “thing” replies to me, and as of late i’ve been rather “beating arround the bush” in there than taking stuff directly (AKA playing ignorant), as of such, i stopped providing any content for the site, since i havent seen any of it being posted because apparently a single picture of a girl showing small cat scratches with a underboob view is more “gore” than dozens of bloody pics from several sources that i wasted my time making the research myself… and in the foruns too, since people are more interested to the “fapping corner” and hitting on eachother like animals on heat than knowing and learning bits of truth… That site has become the corner of decadence and hypocrisy, another of many souless works found arround… I still visit it and comment on it for the regular content, but i dont waste any other energies on it anymore. Fuck that…

    • Yeah, those forums were retarded as shit. It was just a reason for her to post the naked chicks that she hates so much. And she got rid of private messaging because we were telling everyone the truth and she was reading everyone’s messages. Fuck that bitch though. Glad to see you @derkopfsammler! And we’ll post your content whenever you wanna send any in.

      • Im glad to see the old harcore members in here, even if we might or might no have some disputes in the past. 😀 I just wonder how the other mods/admins didnt see her/his/its intentions to take over and prevent that… oh well, what’s done its done. And thank you, i will send out any good stuff i come across here then, if i consider it to be good enough to send at least… 🙂

    • I am soooo glad you decided to join us, Der K. We will post whatever content we get our hands on. We don’t cherry pick stuff and call ourselves journalists moreover select what to post just because it has tits or because it promotes agenda.

      I agree about the forums. It lowered the IQ of the entire populace in there to 70 points. The forums are a fucking terrible inclusion. Useless and dysfunctional. They all are half-wits in there anyway but believe they are better than everyone else. It’s gross and pathetic. The “thing” seems to have fascination to the young and scarred females. Best Gore should just be Best Whore since she highlights it so much.

      • Im glad to be here. 😀 And well, the cherry picking will be on my side anyways… theres alot of unseen gore content online but most of them are just a single picture and no story behind it… meh, im a prefectionist on that… 😆

        The foruns would have been a good idea at first, but she just ruined it by turning it into a porn forum of sorts… 😐 A good idea wasted.

  10. I was put on ‘moderate’ for getting mad at that dyke and called her a bitch and then I noticed none of my comments were showing till days after I post them, so I just stopped going there, no fun with out all you guys there anyways.

  11. Hi everyone!! I would like to introduce myself, I live in Germany been a long time lurker on BG just never made any comments well maybe 2 or 3 my English is not the best so i decided to mostly shut up…lol
    I hope to comment here a bit more, the people here are true and don’t talk shit like the one’s on that fucked up site BG!!!! Ok for now, and much respect to the one’s that made this wonderful site happen kudos to you all!!! once again sorry for my bad English! :opps:
    Oh forgot to say i got this site link from some old biker friend… that i guess the most of you know lol Guess who!? 😎

  12. Many hellos my old peoples!! Tiz I Ajay!… Where do u even begin?…. I found bg way after rotten,but until losing my son, I hadn’t become a member….I watched MANY of you all,talk, joke, and have many GREAT convos there for years! It’s why I joined back in 2013…I needed to be somewhere I fit it, and I thought bg was it…Ohhhh how I was wrong…No matter the place,situation, and or people,I have a natural way of making friends in higher places..Not only that,I take no shit,and leave no witnesses, so that caused me some trouble there, (it also helped me get to know many of you there)….because duck that! You will NOT talk down to me,nor will you silence me!… However, there they did…I noticed in the beginning, that some of my comments wouldn’t show,and thought maybe twas too explicit?… NO! Just NOT what cuntska wanted to see,or hear,or maybe even know…Igafff wtf the problem was…. Due to my medical conditions I cannot remember everything, but basically I was banned from speaking the truth,and for calling cuntska out,as the HUGE fucking fraud that she truly WAS!….

    Obli, I’m so glad that the truth really DOES prevail..and nextie, Thank you for always having my back Irl AND in the interweb…….You two LITERALLY help bring me back irl, and here….

    Say hello…RE-hellos to the bad guy….

    All HAILS!!


  13. So, I haven’t been banned or moderated on BG. But… I can’t stand most of the site anymore. I remember when the discussions were about the actual gore, that was when I looked forward to seeing what was new the next day. But then everything became overly sexist with the pussy pass shit. If a woman looked healthy and happy she was automatically a whore, and not thinking the same way made you a feminist cunt. Then all the political shit came into play. If you want to talk politics, fine, but do it at a political website! And all the anti black and Jew stuff. Come on! It get it, it’s your right to feel that way, but every damn thing that happens doesn’t have to do with that sort of thing.
    I would just also like to point out the fact that people, good people, were banned and alienated just because they had different views or questioned the ‘boss.’ I just hope that makes you see things a little differently when it comes to WW2. (Thought I’d throw that in since I brought up the Jews and all.)

    Also, I still visit the other site for the gore, but I rarely read the comments anymore because they piss me off so much. I still make my own comments, though. The other day a said a guy with a broom handle through his face was still attractive even though he had a broom in his face. Someone commented that I was a desperate cunt. Wtf?

  14. I was moderated when @theluvmuscle created a second account and posted on BG’s forums about his banning/censorship. I hadnt been a BG member for more then 7-8 months but in that short time considered the community and its many unique members home. BG fallowed me everywhere i went. I had no shame waching isis blow peoples heads off in public places or often showing my friends the crazy shit around the world.

    After awhile i noticed an odd change. Drama about people whom id only gotten a brief chance to meet, rumors about the people behind the curtain, then i started to notice how posts and topics would just disapear. Then many whom i enjoyed reading there comments or getting in debates with suddenly disapeared. I could almost literaly feel a split. Thats when i saw @theluvmuscle‘s new topic in the forums. (Made with a new temp account to have his voice heard) He was somebody that i hadnt talked to much but enjoyed his comments and discussions. Somebody whom i noticed stop posting too. Then hen i heard of his censorship and banned i slowly became more n more pissed. Soon it was obvious how acneska and mark treated all the veteran members, people who wernt afraid to ask questions. I was suprised the topic remained as long as it did, ans what was even more saddening was the lack of support it recieved. Nobody wanted to step up and ask “wtf,” then a few days later my account was logged out and upon logging in i discovered that id been “modded.” I couldnt post a damn thing that i tried.

    BG is now as big of a sheeps pen as the rest. I feel sad for those who are still trapped and tricked to believe what is not. Thankyou for creating this website. BG was a huge part of my life, a nessecary outlet, a reminder that life is fucked but you can strive to make it better. Then it all dissapeared. I logged in today for the first time in weeks. I only reconized a name or two, took a deep breath, sighed then remembered a blog shared by @theluvmuscle which led me hear. So i say it again. Thankyou. And a personal thanks to @theluvmuscle for whom lit a light when i was unknowingly surrounded in the dark.

    • it is sad, isn’t it? such a great community of people just gone now. i called that site home for four years and poured my blood sweat and tears into it for the last two. but we have a new home now. and slowly but surely, our friends will all find their way here. welcome to riGOREmortis.

    • Yes I think it was only me and one other person who were telling the truth on that post. I was also shocked that it was up as long as it was. But I was also pissed that only @theluvmuscle and myself were calling here out on her bullshit. Everyone over there is either brainwashed or scared to say anything, sad. After that post was deleted I found I couldn’t post anything. I thank @theluvmuscle for sending me the link over here while he still could!! Thanks again big guy! 😗

  15. So I guess Mark has gotten rid of cuntface? That he is now going to be operating the site himself… Just make a confusing post about how high his member views have been lately…. (Lol) and there will be no more politically motivated post or comments except in the forums… Lol. Some stupid shit.

          • Couldn’t agree with you more- publicity stunt. So the man who is SO against being politically correct is now going to be “politically correct ” by not posting any political insights?
            That’s the way to show em!! 💩
            That comment had nothing to do with his thoughts and everything to do with the reason this site was made in the first place! People being shut down for holding different opinions. Fuck you Mark… You look like a penis anyway, a very small one, with a chub… Just saying.

  16. I had to kiss the cunts ass not to be censored. She wrote more horseshit articles that i was dumbfounded she was able to write articles still. Every single one was missing a grand amount of information. But I had to play nice because of how much I truly loved the members. When I was banned the last time I sat in my shower crying. It broke my heart

  17. Just to say Hi to everyone on here, I’m so happy right now I’m glad I’m back with people I know and can take the piss put of without the fear of that bitch deleting my comments, it all came to ahead with that feminazi comments that she didn’t like when questioned about it, it was only a matter of time until someone took control and fucked them off, massive thank you to Obli and the sexy girls on this. BRING ON THE NEW SITE.

        • yeah, i got the “..&friends” email notification, but on the site the message vanished before i even saw it.
          yer know der, it was the constant 3 or 4 week bashing you got (every comment you made) that finally turned my stomach – a few months before the whole “corn on the cob” explosion

        • there was a time, when more or less every comment you made was replied to negatively by Acneska.
          if i remember rightly, it started with a “..some people make creative critisism, but you are a whinger..” type comment by acneska in reply to one of your comments regarding site changes… and continued from there – Im guessing it lasted about 3 or 4 weeks.
          i remember another member picking up on it, and you saying to them something like “..she seems to pick fault with everything i say just lately..”
          This was SOME time ago, but i remember it distinctly. she was particularly rude, and made comments/replies that were particularly unnecessary

          • Ahh yes, the part that the bitch ignored my suggestions and pointed that it wasnt “constructive criticism”… excuses, excuses… 😆 I screenshoted what that fucking retard had originaly said before edditing it to a more… “friendly” tone… I dont remember that other part though. o.o

  18. Anceska didn’t like my “slimy Jewishness”. I just wanted gore and funny jokes about dead/dying/mutilated people. Wasn’t too keen on the “Jews are the root problem for why I can’t get my period” bullshit which somehow made its way into EVERY post. Which is mostly why I lurked for years and years before finally starting to post about a year ago, which didnt last long lol. I found BG while perusing ogrish back in the day. I enjoyed the da silva jokes, flip flops, and of course the pointers. However it really did turn me off to see members I’ve seen for years get moderated or straight up banned. Not cool. I actually stopped going to the site until I got an email from obli about this site. I think I’ll like it here. All the cool kids from the old days are around, and some of the newer good noodles.

    • @jarfmeister
      Hey welcome to the site!! And that was our issue too, none of us had a problem with what their beliefs were but bringing it into every. single. situation. just got so old and no one else was allowed to express a differing opinion without ridicule or censorship. Glad to see you’ve joined us over here 🙂

      • Mee too!! The donations thing was kinda bummy too. I’ve had a website since 2000. It costs $10 a month to keep it up and running and I usually re-register my domain name for $20 every two years. I brought these points up in my last post and was subsequently barred from posting lol. Oh well. Onwards and upwards!

        • @jarfmeister
          That’s the part that angers me the most. Soooo many people were scammed out of money because they believed in him and the site so much and thought they were doing a good thing to support the site when all it was doing was going straight into the pockets of these assholes. I’m sure you aren’t the only one who was silenced when trying to bring that up. Their whole existence now is based on lies. I truly hope no one else falls for their pleas of needing money.

  19. I’m soooo excited for this site! Beyond happy to be here. Loved BG and visited everyday even though reading Acneska’s sorry excuses for “articles” to go along with the photos/videos was nearly insufferable. Her “journalism” was enough to make me want to punch myself in the throat. Enough about that steaming sack of garbage though. I’m just so thrilled to have somewhere to enjoy gore again and not have some kind of retarded, hypocritical opinion jammed down my throat along with it.
    Thanks @obli @littlefoot @yournextexgirl @staciejaxx @deadohiosky for doing this!! *virtual high fives all around*
    This site is going to be a superb home.

  20. Thank you all for bringing me across.
    Im glad to be here.
    Maybe now I’m not going to be silenced & my comment not posted.
    I like to be a free speaker & thinker.
    I also pray that all you peeps in America & Europe stay safe & have your food stock piled…& I hope that Martial Law is held back as long as possible..Gods speed to you all.

  21. I am SO happy to see all the OGs of BG!!! I can’t stand the way that bitch talks about females, so I commented about it then BAM. Comment deleted, all future posts moderated and no replies on any forums. F*** BG!! F*** Acneska!! Miss Morbid is Team riGOREmortis 😁

  22. So this is where you guys all congregated! I was a very infrequent poster on BG but I always enjoyed reading your comments and the back and forth banter. I’ve really missed you guys! I’m glad to be a part of this group now. I’ve been very disappointed in the direction that BG has taken so it’s nice to get back to the real stuff and away from the bullshit on BG. Site looks great!

  23. Not sure where to put this. So I’m going to stick it here, feel free to delete it guys. I just wanted to politely suggest/ask is there anyway we can have a section for different topics? So we don’t get off base on the comments on the articles. Like on DR and other successful sites they have a “forum”‘where members can start different threads and I’m NOT talking about porn! But general discussions on top news stories, politics, high profile crimes committed, medical gore, random topics such as BLM discussions. Things like this. Just an idea, since the idea is this is a “family” I know I would like to hear different opinions and just be able to come and talk about the things that I can’t on the outside, for fear of being labeled. Also not being “policially correct” (the horror!!) lol. But maybe that’s just me.
    Also when you scroll down is there anyway to add a arrow that you can click and it takes up back to the top? Instead of scrolling all the way back up to click on the different pages or get to your notifications? I know on one site I visit regularly they have a little arrow on the side that does this. Makes it a ton easier for those of us on our phones. I literally have to scroll up about 20 times to see the top. . Just a idea. That’s all. If not, it’s cool!
    Please don’t take any offence to any ideas. Just throwing thoughts out there. I would like to see this site grow also, and I know there are a lot of members who followed you guys here for the sole reason to support your guys endeavour and see you succeed! Thank you @littlefoot @staciejaxx @yournextexgirl @obli @deadohiosky

    • @hunter1031 I think you’ve brought up some good ideas. As of right now, we’re not going to put a forum up. That would cause a security risk and we are being attacked daily now. There were over 7,000 attempts in just one day alone. Maybe sometime in the future we could possibly do that. All the mods have discussed it and we have no problem with people going off topic on posts. No one has taken it too far yet, and if that happens, one of us will step in. We aren’t going to jump on members because they’re talking about taking their dog to the vet or that they ate pizza for dinner or that they’re having a shitty day. We’re here to have fun and look at gore and discuss things. As far as the scrolling back to the top of the page goes, I can definitely see what I can do about that. We’re still working on little details that need to be fixed. This is not the permanent design of the site. It’s temporary because we wanted to have one up as soon as possible. So we may have to deal with it until the new design is finished. And don’t be afraid to share your ideas. We want to hear them, and we will not delete them.

      • Thank you for responding! Much appreciated! I completely understand and I know the amount of work is stressing. 7,000 attacks!? Wtf dudette!? That is crazy for a new site that has not even been mainstreamed yet. Wow. Well, sadly it’s no surprise. I had my Facebook hacked for the first time ever the other day… And someone posted my email and my name to a highly racist, very underground all white, website with my picture. I received several threatening blocked calls. Because all my info is public from the business, so once someone gets certain info, I’m Not hard to find. Really scary since the calls I received were definitely not pleasant. Someone told them ” Jan doe (insert name) is a nigger lover” and on a site that has that much violence,racism and hatered, it’s not good. very strange since nothing has ever happened to me before as I’m pretty careful.
        Anyway, thank you guys! I was just thinking a forum would get some heaven interaction and bring more members and growth. That’s all. No complaints here! Everyone has done a great job and I’m happy that I feel comfortable commenting again!

  24. Found this site from a friend request, thanks. I also read the ‘bestshitgore’ site, a very good read I totally agree, I hope this site attracts more and more people till it will get bigger that BG ever was. Acne scar must be some really ugly, pock faced lesbian whore, angry everytime it looks in the mirror.

  25. I found this site via Google Images. I was wondering where the older members were at on Bestgore every time you went to a member’s profile it would say “page doesn’t exist.” or “page can’t be found.” I got tired of Acneska’s political,hate filled,agenda propaganda posts, which is why I rarely go on that site anymore.

  26. Thank you Obli for inviting me to the site! Also glad to know the real reason behind all you cool people leaving the site. I have basically quit going to the Bestgore site maybe once a week due to the constant feminazi remarks and you know who bashing women in general. Also the porn is not my cup of tea, and my son always tries to look over my shoulder and see what I am doing and then I hear “Mom what the hell are you looking at?” I have to explain its bestgore and they show porn advertisements. I am just here to see the gore. Thanks for the e-mail. Now I am going to see what content you have provided.

  27. Hello, I received an invitation in the mail. Most of the people here don’t know me, but I’ve been around BG for a few years now and know most of the people here. I’m more of a lurker than a talker, so forgive me if I don’t contribute much in the way of commentary to the site. I personally have nothing against BG, but I do understand how many of you here do. I remember Obli’s last post(which was unfortunately deleted), so I kind of had a clue what was going on when people started jumping ship. I try not to take many of the views expressed over there that I disagree with with more than a grain of salt and just consider it as Mark/Acneska just being themselves, but I can understand how many would and it isn’t right to be censored or banned for speaking out against it. I will continue to frequent BG, but it just isn’t the same with many of the “old crew” gone. Sure, people have come and gone in the years, but it’s nice to be able to come here and see some of the posters that I’ve grown to know and love. You guys will always be part of the BG family, but even families have to move on and separate sometimes, especially when the leader of the house no longer wants you. I totally understand that. *sigh* I love what you guys have done here, but I hope one day to have everyone back in the same house. That probably isn’t a realistic scenario though, so until then I’m content with visiting my “neighbors” over here and am glad to see you guys have a place to call home instead of just being exiled and broken apart. I’m active on another similar site and was always hoping to see familiar faces from BG that had left come over there because I missed you guys, so it’s a relief to see you guys have managed to again congregate into a single place which I can visit and enjoy reading the great articles and commentary which comes with them. Stay blessed. *hugs* – R2R

    • @refuse2renig
      I know that’s your wish for us all to come together again but that’s definitely not going to happen, as you’ve already figured out. The censoring and banning of members is bad enough but they’re also scamming people out of their money. There’s more than enough through the porn ads to pay for the upkeep of the site but they pretend they’re in dire need of financial support. All that money is for them. Mark’s been asking for money for years and acneska just continued that. Now that ‘he’ is back people are still offering to donate and he’s gladly accepting it. I cannot and will not support a site that says one thing and does another and lies to people for financial gain. They have become exactly what they criticize and are either too stupid to realize that or they know it and don’t care because it brings in money.

      • I’m sure the revenue from ads pays the bills, yet I have no problem forking over money to Mark to do whatever he wants with it. He provides a service to me which I’m grateful for, and I’m willing to compensate him for the work he does. Ultimately, the name of the game with any of these sites is to make money, and I can’t fault him for milking it for what it’s worth. Business is business. Now if BG demanded pay for its content, I’d be gone in a second. That isn’t the case though, and as long as it is a donation only type basis I really don’t have an issue with it. I’d do the same for this site as well. Bet on it. With all this being said, I’m really not trying to ruffle any feathers here and I hope we can just agree to disagree.

        • You’re implying that financial gains are the reason why we established this website. I have to say I’m rather insulted by that however I think your membership here has an ulterior motive therefore I wouldn’t give you that pleasure. We are nothing like those who run Best Gore and we will never be like them; we refuse to.

          I will be blunt. I see your relationship with Mark and his website and how you willingly defend him on a place where the founders despise him. You have given me very good reasons to distrust you. I don’t speak for my fellow moderators, other than the obvious reason that we immensely dislike Mark but I wouldn’t bite my tongue about what I think.

          I do not aim to change your mind nor anyone else’s but it speaks volumes to me as to why you’d have to reason and justify his actions and step out of your way to join here. I wouldn’t strip you off your right to speak, by the way. That’s not how we do it here but I would just want you to know what I just said and I will say it again to make it clear. I am highly suspicious of you.

          • So is this whole money scam thing the ONLY reason that everyone here now hates Mark? I’m just trying to get a clearer understanding of the whole situation here. I was under the impression that you guys started up this site because of being silenced/banned by Acneska but when I saw all the hate for Mark I was confused… So is there anything else besides scamming people from their money? Anything else I should know? Did Mark have a hand in you guys getting banished from BG to? I just wanna get my head around EXACTLY what the fuck is going on…

          • I have no ulterior motives, and it’s unfortunate you feel this way just because I don’t have the same viewpoints as you. I’ve never been one to sugarcoat my feelings and the way I feel, and unfortunately that has caused problems with others sometimes. When saying that these kinds of sites are in the business to make money, I wasn’t speaking directly about this site, but these sites in general. In fact, this might be the only gore site online that differs, and I’d challenge you to name any others besides this that aren’t in it for the money. I have no relationship with Mark, I’m just a gore lover who frequents his site. Why would you think I had a relationship with him? Anyways, I appreciate not being censored or booted for having differing opinions, and hopefully this isn’t something that is going to make enemies with the people here. That wasn’t my intention! Be blessed. -R2R

        • @refuse2renig
          If you’re comfortable handing money over to someone who does not need it and lied in order to get it then that is your decision. That site is not suppose to be a business as you’re calling it. It’s a FREE site that Mark may have started by spending some of his own money, just like we did here, but the ads plus the number of members visiting the site is more than enough to pay for keeping the site going. If you’re okay with him claiming to have no money and need it for his attorney fees and to keep BG up but when he was arrested he had $18,000 on him, then again that’s your decision. I don’t appreciate being lied to. And I don’t appreciate seeing multiple members who donated hundreds even thousands of dollars be treated like shit in the end and banned from the site. If you support that then more power to you. He’s not poor, he’s part of other sites so he is also making money from those as well. And you say he can do whatever he wants with that money, well you’re probably thinking of some more innocent ways to spend money….I’m not.

          • Oh and what about the many members who have sent him hundreds of dollars for memorabilia, t-shirts etc… They never received anything amd the money was never returned! THAT in itself is reason enough to not support him or his site!

          • So no then? Well if there are no other reasons then I admit that scamming his own members was a dick move nor am I about to defend his actions but I can’t completely hate on him or his site either. After all I had some pretty good times on there and met some pretty awesome people there to, none of which would’ve happened if he didn’t create that place, I seem to recall someone saying in a comment on here that he felt similarly. Well… Best of luck with this place, maybe I’ll stop by and comment on the new posts from time to time… That is if you guys aren’t too suspicious of me

          • @jack So you don’t mind that he is a total liar? You don’t care that he preaches so much free speech bullshit and then takes that right away from hundreds of people? You don’t care that he scammed people into buying BG merchandise, took their money and didn’t send them shit. If you think the scamming people out of their money alone isn’t enough to not support him or his website then I think it shows a lot about you.

          • @jack
            I will never regret my time on that site either. I met some of the best people of my life on BG too and I know it wouldn’t have happened otherwise but for me the members are what kept me there, not Mark, Acneksa or the gore. You can find the gore anywhere but not the community and WE created that community…they didn’t. No one is asking anyone to choose sides, if people wish to visit there as well as here then I have no issues with that. But people need to understand that many of us had our eyes opened to the truth and were treated like shit on that site so we have no reason to go back. At the end of the day, they’re liars who have stolen money from people and called it ‘donations’ and they no longer follow what the site claims to be anymore. Mark is also guilty of moderating and banning people for petty reasons like Acneska. He’s just as guilty as her. I and many others can no longer support that but if anyone else chooses to then that’s their decision. I also don’t want to be associated with a site that has now posted child porn…no thank you. Hope you’ve been well and you and every other member are welcome on this site.

          • @yournextexgirl where did I say that I don’t mind at all what he did? If it sounded like I was implying that I don’t mind then that’s not what I was trying to do. I merely wanted to know ALL the facts first. I mean I’d like to think that I would have the right to know everything after spending around a year on that site thinking it was the best website I ever came across and then coming across a group of former members claiming that it’s full of lies.

            So Mark scammed his members from their money… I believe you… I don’t by any means agree with what he’s done… But again I cannot COMPLETELY hate on him or best gore for the reasons I mentioned earlier.

            And yes LF I’ve been well, thanks. I was just shocked and confused at first, all I wanted was to understand the entire situation.

          • I guess I just haven’t personally experienced a lot of what you guys have and therefore don’t have the same viewpoint. I’m sure if I was ripped off when trying to buy merch or censored for speaking the way I feel I’d be in the same boat as you guys, but I haven’t and am only speaking for myself. I know Mark isn’t hurting for money or living on the ground in a rainforest somewhere(lol), and I also know that money coming in from donations is probably going into Mark’s account to buy him new cars and such. Should he be telling the truth? Yeah, but if Mark held donation drives because he said he wanted to buy a new car, I doubt many people would feel like donating. 🙂 As I mentioned above, I’m ok with it because BG has done a lot of good for me and given me a lot of entertainment, so I don’t have a problem showing my thanks in the way of handing over $$ every now and then. I can also understand how many wouldn’t be ok with any of this, so I’m not going to try to tell anyone how they should or shouldn’t feel. Thank you for being able to agree to disagree with me without getting nasty. We all come from different places and times with different experiences, so conversation like this is how it should be. Be blessed, LF. – R2R

  28. Thank you for the invite. Reading some of these comments and the truth behind all that has happened over at Best Gore, I am quite shocked. I loved that site and loved the freedom people exhibited in the comments, until that freedom was oppressed. I can’t believe that we were scammed out of money and fed lies about the truth behind Best Gore. Glad we have a new home without all that bullshit.

  29. I commented the following on an old post and decided it would be more appropriate to put it here instead.

    I found the site by someone’s profile name on BG–good looking out! As have many of you, I’ve experienced the vile spew of regurgitated “feminazi” and “pussy pass” bullshit from Aneska, who never misses an opportunity to chime in on the discussions relating to her in no way. If that asshole is a woman, she must surely be one lonesome fucking beast of a self-hating cunt. While I’ve been on the receiving end of her bullshit, I admit I’m still a BGorian lover at heart. I must say, I spent years feeling pissed at Canadian authorities for their treatment of Mark and was delighted to see his return…at least initially. It wasn’t long before I saw his comments and was shocked to learn of his unparalleled similarities to the he\she\it asshole and it was a real let down. I had spent so much time speaking out to the gore brethren about the injustices bestowed upon him, only to learn of his passionate distain for any show of empathy for women in a multitude of varying ways. Nevertheless, he’s nowhere near as offensive to my sensibilities as his cunty-counterpart. With that, I’ll enjoy my daily visit to BG (until my comment is observed by the bitch trolling on here and she blocks me too!) and now RM.

    I am delighted to see some of my favorite, veteran GoreWhores here! @obli I remain your incognito admirer from afar! Sending all my love to all my likeminded fiendish comrades! Best wishes on continued success with the new site!

    • @deathfetishfemale
      Welcome to RGM!! Just so you’re aware those ‘injustices’ Mark had to deal with were completely exaggerated. He had access to the Internet the entire time except for maybe a couple weeks if I’m remembering correctly but decided to play the martyr. He also bitched both now and then how poor he is but is making plenty of money and had about $18,000 at the time of his arrest. He’s scammed a lot of people out of money through ‘donations’ and from both his post on BG and some of his ‘art’ on the deep web he doesn’t seem to have a problem with child porn. And many of us believe that acneskank is using his account to post gore since she pissed off so many members. Obviously we have no issues with you still visiting BG as many other members do. Just wanted to make you aware that he’s just as bad if not worse than acnescar. Glad you found the site 🙂

  30. Hey guys I’m late to the party but thanks for the invite. I was Queen of Gore on BG. I didn’t post much on BG and wasn’t moderated, but I grew tired of all the butt fuckery and drama in the comments section. As for Acneksa, her extremist views in the descriptions really started to irritate and offend me.

    Mark is in porn videos? Now that’s something I gotta see to believe! ?

  31. Thanks for inviting me!!
    I stopped posting on BG several years ago because of the way I was treated…comments either made fun of, deleted or just never made it on the page, my pictures being made fun of, etc.
    I actually decided to log on to welcome Mark back, well guess I’m not good enough to speak to him since my comment was deleted the next day.
    And hearing the money scam, that’s a piss off! I live near Edmonton and when he was arrested I was going to offer money to help out or a place for him to stay between court dates, but something told me not to….glad I didn’t. Grrrrrrr

  32. Just want to say thank you. I’ve been made to feel welcome here straight away. I feel at home. On bg I felt like an intruder. I do go on there every now and again to check out the gore, but feel unwelcome. So once again thank you for making me feel wanted. ?

  33. I’ve missed you all! I rarely posted on BG, just there for the kick of it. I started noticing I’m not seeing lots of folks that I just knew by their names. But, I got a post from someone inviting me here and I am certainly happy about that. I have to apologize to who sent me the invite, as I instantly came right to the site and when I went back to see who sent it, it was gone. I’m so sorry I can’t call you out by name, but know this, I’m sure glad you did! THANKS!! Now, it’s time to do some browsing!!!

  34. I was actually censored by Mark when BG was only a few months old because I disagreed with his anti-gun and anti-U.S. military views. It took several emails to Mark but he finally removed the censor. It was then and there that I knew the people who ran the site weren’t sincere about the free speech they so espoused. I made a ton of good friends like Gunkgirl, Littlefoot, Brokeback and Hung Like a Mouse, but when the new folks took over and it got even worse, I just quit going to BG. Glad to have received the invite and join my friends again on this new site!

  35. I’m glad I got invited to this Site and hope it’s really different than BG. I loved and enjoyed BG like 7 years ago but hated how it got so political and went down the tinfoil hat path. I don’t disagree with every conspiracy theory but BG went way too far. Is it different here?

  36. @littlefoot @yournextexgirl @obli @staciejaxx @dos

    Hey… I finally read the first shitty site you pussy-faggot mods did…
    I commented on the shitty site but I’ll just rewrite it here…

    Hey you piece of shit motherfuckers… Good luck with your shitty site… You should’ve named it since all you pussy-faggots are so butthurt for getting kicked off…
    You motherfuckers are nothing but cowards and you know it… If you weren’t… You would’ve told me to come to your first shitty website from the beginning…

    BTW… I won’t mince words either…
    Yournextexgirl… You’re an attention whore and probably a whore in real life since I know you’re the fucking coward that posted this shit… I’m glad for you and all your little ass lickers since you’re gonna to turn into Acneska sooner than you think…

    Little Foot… You’re the biggest two-faced bitch out there… I was your friend from day one but once I question your utter stupidity… You cry like the little bitch that you are…

    Obli… Kay… DOS… I don’t have problems with you guys but if you keep having your ass licking marathons with these two whores… Well… Too late… It seems like shit already went straight to your fucking head…


    BTW… Eat shit and die!…

    • @gnat
      Hey dumbass you may want to get your facts straight since neither @yournextexgirl or myself wrote that article. Seems you pissed off more people than you thought.

      Secondly, I think you need to get a dictionary since you seem to be confused on the definition of two faced. I liked you at one point and was friendly then stopped liking you and wasn’t friendly. Not seeing the two faced part but you’re an idiot anyway.

      I’ve asked you again and again yet you can’t seem to answer, why are you even here? Your mentality is better suited over there. You’re exactly what was wrong with the site. Close minded, incapable of having an intelligent debate without turning it into a school playground telling people to meet you at your house. You can’t even follow simple rules here. Even @obli who you claim to have no problems with tells you to tone down the insults and what do you do? You argue back like you are superior to the rules. So you can fuck off back to that other site now. You’re absolutely pathetic.

    • @gnat Oh boo fuckin hoo. I’ve been waiting to go off on your dumbass for years. Ever since you started copying other people’s shit under 5 different usernames and using it as your own so you could sound as if you knew what you were talking about. You sounded fucking retarded then and you sound fucking retarded now. You’re are a childish, crybaby bitch that wouldn’t know a real man if one knocked your inbred cousin fucker ass out. Do you even a tiny tiny bit grasp how stupid you make yourself look every time you open your mouth? You argue with people over any little thing. Is this all you have in your life? Arguing with people and making a fool out of yourself? You think you look sooo bad ass inviting random internet men over to your house constantly, but you’d piss yourself if one of them actually showed up. Yet Acneska had you by the balls for two years. You look incredibly stupid. I don’t even like you and I am embarrassed for you. I didn’t write that shit on that site and I don’t have to explain that to you one bit. I didn’t write it but it was hilarious and I’d like to make out with whoever did. You hate me because I called you out on your shit two years ago, yet when you saw what I looked like your tune completely changed didn’t it? That’s beyond pathetic. Instead of being a decent human being and talking to people like they’re your equal and with respect, you chose to be the kind of person you are. A wannabe badass on the internet. You’re a hypocrite and a childish piece of shit. I feel sorry for your wife. She has to live with your ass all the time. But guess what? I don’t have to live with seeing your ranting bullshit and horrible attempts at being funny comments anymore. 😛

      • I am soooo late to the game… sorry for bumping such an old post. I’m new to this site, and I’m having a ball reading “each and every” comment…. Damn, your response to “gnat”… oh my god, I’m in the floor with all fours pointed at the ceiling laughing my ass off. This was after I spit all my coffee on my computer screen.

        Anyway, I love reading the history for how RigoreMortis was founded. And agree with you. BTW, you’all have done a fantastic job creating this site.

  37. Hey guys, that gnat pisses me off no end. I had numerous issues with his shit too. He has cum breath and that’s not a good thing.

    Just wanted to say I’m so impressed with the new site and am so glad I’ve found all my old buddies again. Thanks for inviting me over.

    One last thing – I reckon it would be really really handy to have a “back to the top” button underneath the last comment and ‘Post a comment’ box of each post / page. It has always annoyed me over at the other place, having to scroll scroll scroll back up or all the way down to the menu button. What do you think ? Is that the fucking best idea or what ? Dutchy

  38. Hey everyone! Y’all may not remember me from BG, but I was GAPeach. I talked to a few of you guys, but some of you I haven’t had the pleasure of speaking with. It took me a minute to muster the courage and check out the website that was emailed to me, but I was kinda scared that it was a hoax of some kind. So sorry for my doubt, bc I have missed out on months of amazing videos and pics. Thanks for letting me know! I look forward to seeing some amazing shit and getting to know all y’all! Littlefoot, you were the first person I talked to at BG. You were extremely kind and funny and I knew if you were involved in this site, then I wanted to give it a try!!! So far, I’m absolutely loving it! Y’all have done a fantastic job!

  39. I’ve decided to join on here. Nice to see familiar names pop up. I was banned 4 years ago on BG so I became a lurker. I attempted at creating my own site but I ran out of energy to keep it going. I’m glad this site exists so that I can freely express myself toward the content on this site. I’ve not made any comments yet other than this one but I still need to get a full feel for it.

  40. So this is where all you fuckers went!

    Kind of a long story but I’ll try to keep it short. I came to BG shortly before the Magnotta incident. I was a lurker, didn’t even register, but I loved reading the posts and comments. I stayed in the shadows as I watched the drama unfold. At the time, I thought Mark and Acneska were in the right. During this time, even after registering and starting to comment here and there, I noticed a kind of mob mentality that Mark spoke against, but was blatantly obvious the members acted in the opposite manner. I just chose not to comment when I saw these posts. You know the usual culprits: Racist. Especially against blacks. Jews are evil and everything that goes wrong in every country around the world, a jew is to blame. ISIS isn’t islamic terror group? No. You guessed it. Once again, its the fuckin jews! Rather than ask for an explanation and get either a long, drawn out incoherent reply…or worse yet, silenced and banned, I just chose to stay silent on those topics for the most part. I did state that I’m not racist once or twice, but I took it no further. On the other hand, I thought this was the exact mentality that mark spoke against?

    I do regretably admit that I have been in the forums there defending acneska when new ppl talk shit about her posts. I think some of her posts are funny and just thought it was easily offended females getting upset and bitchy. The same as I thought when this all went down with you guys. Those of us not directly involved weren’t shown the whole picture, and with purpose. You got painted as sjw feminazis and mangina cucks and the remaining members of bg only had that to go on.

    Fast forward to today: A recent post from mark about an article that was published featuring a bg interview led me here. Interestingly enough, the writer mentioned a site that some former bg members had put together. Curiosity got the best of me as I wondered who I would find here. As I said before, I was just a lurker back then, but I felt like I got to know a lot of you from afar and was sad to see you go. (at the time we were led to believe the loss of you all was a necessary evil).

    I still think Mark has, or at least once had, good intentions. He inadvertently shot himself in the foot by posting a direct link to the article, thereby bringing me and possibly even more members over here. Maybe he has not visited this site as of yet and seen how much some ppl despise him. He should have a good idea after everything that went down back then. I have long missed Obli’s and Kay’s articles and comments by Little Foot and everyone else.

    I don’t know if I will leave bg permanently, time will tell. But I am so glad I found you guys. Being tied to this community for so long, I have a lot to sift through in my head before I pull the trigger on leaving for good. I know there are some others there that would be a better fit here but I have no clue how to get the message out.

    I will be glad to be a part of a community that is friendly, morbidly curious, and it isn’t necessary to hate black, jews, women or anyone else to fit in.

    I know this was a long comment and I thank you if you took the time to read it, as I carefully thought out what I should say.

    It’s great to see you all even though we have yet to formally meet after all these years.

    And with that, I say HELLO! 🙂 and thank you all for sticking together and making a new site where community takes precedence over hate.

    (p.s. If u have any ideas on how i can clue other bg members in on this place, let me know. The anti female mindset is still alive and well. I admittedly had started to take part in it, not knowing the real hate some ppl harbor there. Now I’m here and my eyes are open. As much as that hurts after being loyal to bg.)

    Thanks for your time

    • @voltron666
      Hey welcome!!! Honestly, I think so many of us bought into the bullshit over there and I admit I defended them too at one point not seeing the big picture myself. It wasn’t until I saw good people I liked being treated like shit that I started to open my eyes as well. It’s a blow to the gut realizing how easily I was drawn in like that but I’m just glad I got away. And I agree it was all about Jews are terrible and every other race except white is bad. Everyone is free to have their opinion but that shit being shoved down your throat every post got old real quick. We just want to focus on the gore and have a few laughs.

      As far as getting the word out we had members who worked very hard to get people here through PMs and friend requests but Mark and Acnescar of course were on the lookout and blocked again and again. Hopefully, that link will be a huge help and if messaging is still available to you as a member you could try that? Unfortunately, we lost some ‘friends’ along the way who showed their true colors through this entire ordeal but that’s all done now and all we want is to move forward and share our fascination of gore so again welcome and I’m happy you’ve found us 🙂

  41. Well for me it wasn’t BG but another site, Death Addict. One of the mods posted some seriously misogynistic comments about the whole Kathy Griffin controversy (whatever-I don’t give a shit about a celebrity) and another member, also a woman, made a perfectly simple joke, quoting the mod and saying “So why don’t you like her: not slutty enough or too ugly?” Referencing part of his tirade. Then he jumped down HER throats and made some really vicious comments that sounded like he’s a grade-A wife beater, so I asked “Dude, what’s your beef? You make your misogyny very obvious and don’t expect people to comment? If you’re going to make statements in a public forum people will comment-you can’t control strangers on the internet! Banned for daring to suggest he might be a “wee” bit 1950’s…

    • @jerkface-grackle
      Wow seriously? I guess I’m not surprised it’s happening elsewhere but it’s odd that gore sites seem to have a flock of people with that mentality. I really don’t care what opinion people have but like you said others are gonna respond to it and if you can’t handle the comments then don’t post your opinions in the first place. I don’t like all that political bullshit, it’s unnecessary as the gore is what people come for. Welcome to the site! It’s nice having someone from elsewhere joining ?

  42. I just found your website this morning and i gotta say I wish I found it sooner. I’ve followed Bestgore since it’s beginnings in 2009. I’ve followed it though Mark’s Incarceration. And Obli took over for awhile and posted some good quality stuff.

    I was pretty ignorant to ackneska bullshit and after going back through posts, and figuring out just wtf happened, I’m pissed that I’ve been deceived and should of seen it sooner. Hell, I notice something was off when Obli and other longtime members just were gone. Vanished. Mark’s return was the last straw. The two posts from Aug 2016 and Sept sounded like pure bullshit.

    Obli, you got shafted so fucking bad, it sucks and I missed your posts and commentary. I’ve never made an account on BG and I’m glad I didn’t. BG died when Mark went to prison and even IF he’s back, BG is past recovery. The good times reading the funny bather are long gone.

    We got stupid fucks like Gnat making zero contributions to a discussion or making an intelligent response to a post .It’s a shitshow and I hope BG Fucking burns. It’s been a fun ride, but BG’s prime was in 2012 and it’s never gonna reach it again.

    So fuck ackneska, fuck Mark for letting this shit fly, and fuck ackneska again for being such a worthless stupid CUNT!

  43. I got xnayed out of bg for, according to mark, being a “cuck” and a “simp”, but excuse me for being ignorant of such vital words of the English language, because I had to look that shit up. But my response after he knocked off several of my profiles was my final profile: I used his same blue waffle pic and his name but with the star of David instead of the little dude he has next to his name.
    But after a while, before the end, I realized that I was dealing with a sadistic, hypocritical, anti-judaic, sociopathic ingrate. That site should be called, “The World According To Me And Only Me — Führer Mark! … oh, and here’s some gore to shut you the fuck up.”
    Anyways, I’m grateful that I found this site.
    Fuck mark the ingrate.

    • I got the boot for personally calling Mark out about how he constantly whining about his kidney stones. Wah wah. Because some women told him that passing their kidney stone was much more painful than delivering a child, he’s convinced that there is NO way in hell that birthing a child would cause women to scream and moan, saying that he doesn’t scream and moan while passing a stone. So, in his mind, women are pussies that are just wanting pity while pushing out a baby. I knew my post would get me banished (especially since I put on the post that I was waiting for him to ban me!) I don’t miss the drama at all!

    • @mondo
      Welcome to the site! You’re not alone he’s painted every one of us as the enemy and has most convinced over there that we were the problem, not him. He’s even blamed certain members for going back to his site and starting shit as new members when I know for an absolute fact that’s not the case. He wants to pretend he’s some big rebel and hero when all he is is a scammer in every sense of the word. I’m glad you’ve joined us ??

  44. First of all hi to everyone. I’ve lurked here for a while and I’m very familiar with how this site came about but there’s not much point revisiting that subject as it’s all been said before. I’m here for the gore and to maybe interact with the community a little; drama I can do without. There are a few things I’d maybe like to talk about but they can be brought up at a later date and at a more appropriate time though I would like to comment about one thing now.

    Before I signed up I reread the whole of this particular thread again, did a little investigating and something came to my attention. The main admins on here probably know about this better than I do as you have access to site stats that I don’t have but this one thing I saw is quite interesting.

    I went through this thread and saw lots of people happy to be here and looking forward to being part of the community so I took a look at the profiles of people who posted though not at those who were here at the start like @littlefoot @yournextexgirl and so on, just those who either came from BG or were invited some other way. I looked at 61 individuals and came across something interesting. Out of those 61 people, 40 of them have posted once or less over the last 3 months or longer – the VAST majority of them haven’t been active at all, many for 6 months or more, some for over a year. In other words, they’re coming here but not staying. The question is why not? I think the answer is simple. There’s not enough going on to keep them here!

    So what can be done about this? One solution is a forum. Before you jump up and down, I’ve read here about there being no forum and the reasons behind it but the fact of the matter is that today people want that kind of thing. They like to interact, something that social media has instilled into them in today’s world. Personally, I don’t care if there’s a forum or not, I’m only suggesting something that might help RGM to grow and maintain the growth of members that do join. The forum doesn’t have to be a free for all where anything goes, there can be restrictions on categories if so desired and mods can keep an eye on things to make sure no one gets out of line.

    This is only a suggestion from me and I understand that I don’t know what kind of problems running a forum would bring to the site but something is needed to keep people active at times when there’s no new gore available for a while. As I write this there are currently 756 members here and if you take the figures I stated earlier in my post concerning the 61 profiles I looked at, and applied the percentage to the total membership, then there are presently 516 non-active members.

    I know there are probably quite a few here who aren’t interested in a forum but then they have the option not to use it while those who are interested can use it. One good thing about a forum is that the Site Admins don’t have to provide the content, the members do it for them. All this I’ve written in my post is just an observation from me concerning the site and of course it’s up to those running RGM to decide whether or not they want to do something like this. I just hope you don’t mind me bringing it up.

    • You’re allowed to say anything you want, and I do seriously consider any suggestions. Having inactive members is what any site like this has. Just like anything else ..such as Yahoo. There are over one billion Yahoo accounts but only 300 million are active accounts. Best Gore has almost 47,000 members yet only averages a little over 100 comments on the most popular articles and many of those comments are users commenting 3 and 4 times on the same article. This site was shared by word of mouth only and in a little over a year we have almost 1000 articles and 700 members. Best Gore had around 400 articles and under 200 members in the same amount of time. I see the view count on each post. The view count is high(some articles have 45,000 views), we can’t force people to comment or join and we would never want to. Adding a forum would mean it would constantly have to be moderated, and unfortunately I don’t have the time for that. I barely have time to post articles but I make time for it because I feel a responsibility to. If we had others posting more articles, maybe things would be different. I’ve set a deadline for myself to fix every flaw on the site by the end of the year, so that’s going to keep me busier than I care to be. Hopefully after that.. we can revisit this topic and get some extra things going. I honestly prefer to keep the site as just a close small community. No one has plans to make money off the site and if we did make money from the site it would go right back into RGM. I genuinely like the group of people we have right now. We did not make the site to become the next big gore site. We just wanted some place to see gore, freely speak our minds, and talk to our friends. Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

      • @tsmyoyo @yournextexgirl
        I agree with Nextie. RGM has NEVER been about getting as many members as possible because that only matters if you are trying to sell ad space (and if you notice, there are ZERO ads on here. Not a single jerking penis or squirting vagina in the margins?), but this site has NEVER been about making money. And although it’s exciting to see our members numbers rise, most are, with no disrespect, just glorified visitors and that’s perfectly fine. Lurkers are welcomed. If people create an account and then leave because it wasn’t what they were looking for, that’s perfectly fine. If you find a home here, or on multiple gore sites, that’s great too… but that’s not to say we don’t want to improve the site and what it offers. But NO ONE on the staff receives any monetary compensation for their roles. It’s all about passion…a labor of love. And we all have full time lives and jobs. Nextie does take the brunt of the site responsibility since she designed, created, and maintains it…some of us (like me ?) don’t do shit but put up money to get the site started. Ok, I’m literally the only one of the group that doesn’t do anything cuz I don’t have a single journalistic bone in my body ?… but who knows what next year could bring. Stick around to find out if you’d like, and thanks for your input. It’s greatly appreciated! ?

  45. @yournextexgirl @gorycory

    Thank you both for taking the time to reply. I wouldn’t dream of trying to tell you how to run your website, I only wanted to give a little input and make a suggestion, which I have done, and you’ve both been kind enough to acknowledge it. I ask for no more. I’m looking forward to being here as a member and I’ll try my best not to annoy anyone. 🙂

  46. I was a lurker for YEARS. I cannot even remember when I started lurking BG. Seven years ago maybe? Perhaps longer? I have a terrible memory/sense of time due to trauma. I was never moderated (at least as far as I know. Sometimes my comments did take a few hours/a day to post though, so maybe I was. Who knows. *shrugs*) but the few times I made an attempt in the last 2-3 years to reach out to anyone (the last time I did try to have a conversation I actually got really, really bad hate so I never did THAT again) have just been… ugh. People are either complete assholes or utter idiots. You can’t have a discussion anymore without someone erupting in childish shit talking. Speaking of, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the hate and sexism and racism and homo/transphobia… it just became progressively worse and worse. I can barely stand reading a video/photoset description anymore without getting pissed off. ITS MORE OFFENSIVE THAN THE CONTENT 99% OF THE TIME AND THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING!

    But yeah, I still lurk BG for the content, but I’ve been lurking here more. I love what you guys have done! It’s so much more tasteful and aesthetically pleasing, too! And the comments! I’ve seen some of the folks missing from BG and now I’ve found where all you lovely people have gotten off to! <3

    By the way, has itsplaster joined? I really loved interacting with her the few times I did!

  47. “Good to see all you lovely lovely folks.
    That I really did miss immensely.
    Watching gore and hanging out with you guys.
    All of you vets and all of you lurkers.
    Was always fun and a spirit booster.
    Then one sad sad day all of that changes.
    I’m banned from BG and moderated.
    And I went about a year without gore.
    What was the point of logging on at all?
    If I couldn’t converse with my friends.
    I tried to get a hold of you guys.
    But BG wouldn’t let me do shit.
    I tried going to other gore sites.
    Like a website called crazyshit dot com.
    Which paled in comparison to BestGore.
    It was just a bunch of porn and bullshit.
    There was hardly ever any good gore.
    So finally just called it quits.
    Then I discover this magnum opus.
    This refuge that’s called Rigoremortis.
    And I find that I am not alone.
    And see many familiar faces.
    And to y’all I would like to say hi.
    And that I am glad you guys are safe.
    And am proud to be a new member.
    I’m proud of what the creators did here.
    And yeah the whole BG fiasco.
    Thinking that it was all about free speech.
    Just to wind up getting banned from the site.
    Was a huge kick in the testicles.
    And one massive revelation.
    Free speech may be a thing of the past.
    Or at least it is fading fast.
    Soon to give way to safe spaces.
    And mainstream propaganda.
    But I see that I was wrong.
    I’m grateful that this site exists.
    It’s what bestgore was supposed to be.

    By the way Hindustan got me banned.
    For some reason Mark took his side.
    It ain’t my fault hindus die by trains.
    So often that it’s hilarious.”
    Tis the last time I use quotation marks.
    Just thought I’d do it for old time’s sake.

  48. *climbs out from under rock*
    I don’t think I’m lost anymore!! 2 years no one figured out a way to get me here 😢 I feel like I should have that magic wand from the 80’s kids show ” I see ____ & ___!!”
    Hi guys, I’ve missed your witty fun arses!!
    Oh is there a Coles notes version of this post?!? Haha

  49. Really feels to me like Rigoremortis is going the way of Best Gore. Being moderated and not ably to post on the site activity page after I agreed with Nextie to not post vids on main page. Control. Guess that’s what Ackneska wanted. Now there’s a couple secret mods here who have carte blanche to put me in moderation and block me from posting with the “You have posted an inappropriate comment” thing. If you do anything wrong someone will place some information about you from the other site which, in their opinion , makes you out like a bad guy without any content or background. Hypocrites. Read all of the above and see where this site is going. The same way as BG. Oh, BTW. I was Theluvmuscle here from the start. Now I’m shit. Let’s see if free speech still exists here and all the hype spoken of above and if my comment here gets posted. I don’t think so… Screen shot.

    • And who’s fault is that? Yours. Seriously, you are so fucking annoying. Stop whining and bitching or get the fuck out. Go find yourself another gore site. Do you realize what a little bitch you make yourself look like? Do you see why no one is defending you? Because you’re obnoxious. And yes I told you don’t post that fucking YouTube shit all over the comment section. This isn’t YouTube. This is not a music forum. If you wanna post on your own activity page… go ahead, but you won’t fill up comments with that shit. I’ve had enough of you. You’re a grown ass man and you act like a little boy. Grow up.

      Also… if you make one more account.. You’re gone. @platypus

  50. If you have soooo many problems with this site then you need to move on and find somewhere else to go. You are the ONLY person who bitches and whines constantly. Nobody else here seems to have a problem except you. Nobody else is moderated except you. Nobody else complains and whines except you. Nobody else has a problem leaving the past in the past except you. You can either grow up and be part of this community or you can leave, but what’s been going on with you for months will not continue for one more day. @platypus

  51. Not sure where to put this comment so I chose here… I was trying to figure out what happened to that Loca girl that you guys talked about and it took me to that page that you have been discussing best gore. So I was trying to figure out the video and it says that I can’t watch it because of chrome. I thought that was kind of funny given everything that you guys had talked about because I use Chrome on your site and it’s just fine. So I guess that just adds to what you guys have been talking about. I know I’m not a part of it but figured I would let you know. Does anyone know where else I can watch the video of her being beheaded with other women cuz apparently that’s what happened. Also, I guess I’m a sheep’s because I use Chrome…

  52. So just became a member maybe few days ago. I was in search of something better than BG and found this site. I was never a member of the BG site because I was in high school when I first started visiting the site and felt others that seen me on the site would think i was crazy but I believed in the site because the info I seen was real world not sencored by news media and never shown to people. Then the whole I’m stuck in Canada started which was cool but sad and then it became a money hungry site so the adds got annoying and i understand some sites do that but it was like dang the stories that were made were just not making sense so I found this site and judging by the intro and seeing some of the original profile pics I found my new home lol I hope this site prospers and truth can be told!

  53. I’ve learned not to say much. I had sent Mark a couple of bucks for Best Gore, but am pretty much done with them.
    On that note, does anyone know how to delete an account on Best Gore? I really have no desire to go back there.
    Anyway, thanks for letting me join here and I promise I won’t say anything like on Best Gore.

    • @manbearpig
      You’ve sent money to him and now you’re done with “them”?
      I’m betting SS put you in moderation because you were too harsh for him.
      I could be wrong, but anyway, that feature of deleting your own over there has been gone for 3 years, so you’re kinda stuck with that account.
      Welcome aboard!!

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