Kay here yet again with another one-word titled, semi-intelligent, opinionated post. Except that this isn’t opinionated and I am not gonna use colorful language and metaphor anymore to get to my point.

We are getting shut down.

Well, not totally. The combined IQ of this group is higher than Wiz Khalifa AND Snoop Dogg combined so I might as well rephrase that.

‘They’ are trying to shut us down.

Like, literally. Just literally hours ago, we a complaint from our host Siteground that our stuff ‘encourages violence.’ Of course, like any sane individual, the initial response would be ‘WHAT THE FLYING SHITPACKER?!’ I didn’t tell y’all fucking asses to go and kill someone. Actually, no one of us ever did. But, that isn’t the problem, unfortunately. The entire ‘GORE’ page section might be taken down in the next hours ahead. You may not see posts on that page anymore since they considered our stuff a violation of their terms of service. We had a good run Siteground however, we would basically be a useless gore site without the gore. We’ll just be a site and it would be boring as fuck. So Siteground and us must part ways to keep the gore ball rolling.

Now the good question that any reasonable person who happens to be reading this will ask ‘Why?’ Why else, do you think? I can’t explicitly say the details but, come on. Who fucking else is it? There are literally shitloads of gore sites out there that aren’t closed down. We are but an infant in this game and get reported and threatened to be taken down? Go figure.

Now, I might as well tell you guys that there’s no such thing as free lunch and I am not gonna ask for money but if you donate, that’s cool too. If not, that’s cool too. We found a neat-o package plan that would cost us less for three years worth of hosting (total cost is an estimated $200 for three years, by the way). This isn’t very expensive but this is going to cost us. We can’t tell you which host, though. Not sure if that’s best for public knowledge for security reasons. We wouldn’t accept huge donations and would most likely return it. We don’t need that kind of money unless you guys want to fund my coming to America. Pls gib monie to third world Asian. But to cut it straight, we accept anything in kind but we will not ask for it. We have been hearing some of our members here that are willing to donate so we might as well answer that. Contact us at [email protected].

Everything would pretty much be the same for now except that we intend to move over to a new host. We, however, would explicitly say that we refuse to be intimidated and that we aren’t going to be dragged down because of this issue. They have tried the worst and best card they have but look at us, still standing strong. I think they applied the businessman mentality of hitting us right where it hurts – in our pockets. Well, I don’t think they’re informed that Ice Cube is my sugar daddy and that I call him Sugar Cube. All kidding aside, remember what I said about strong foundations? No matter how many rocks thrown at us or even if they threated to burn us down, we will keep standing and we will do whatever we can to make things right and to continue the show going on.

P.S. We are going to have downtime because of the turn over of the site to hosts. Might be a day or two so if the site suddenly goes offline, magic is happening.


Well, what do you know? Sorry if you guys have some down time there. We technically were DDoS’ed. In case you guys aren’t familiar of DDoS, allow me to explain it. In simplest and shortest terms, it basically is overloading a website with request until it reaches the limit of the pageviews their site can handle. Figuratively, it’s pretty much slamming a 12 inch dick (preferably mine) on a virgin asshole with no vaseline (another Ice Cube reference there). The butthole won’t stretch no more and it couldn’t take it. Our site isn’t an asshole, fortunately and we prevented it from getting ripped. I don’t know if that’s the end of the downtime but we are trying to sort things out right now. Working with me is @yournextexgirl and @deadohiosky.

“Goddamn, I’m glad y’all set it off.”

2 thoughts on “TERMINATION

  1. Fucking SHEEPLE!
    SO! Rothschild hates his feeders becoming aware.
    Mass media krack down is about to happen world wide.
    By the end of October the censorship will be more noticeable.

    We have been lucky to live our younger life under less GOV control.

    Controllers hate unrest & freedom of speech..

    Thru ogerish Best Gore & RG..liveleak will be next😣


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