Gallery of Recent Cartel Hits Across Mexico


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@mrspink informs me that the following images are from recent cartel activity across Mexico. Many separate incidents compiled into one collection. Some of the victims were those with drug debts, some were relatives of cartel members and some were police … Continue reading

Three Teenagers Killed During Riot in Juvenile Detention Center


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Well here we see that the Brazilian teens are taking a page from their elders and causing some riots of their own, complete with murdering each other just like the gangsters they look up to. Incident occurred in the Socio-Educational … Continue reading

Triple Murder of Brazilian Drug Traffickers


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On October 6, 2016 three men wearing way too much colorful clothing were shot dead in Salvador, Brazil. October 6th sucked for me too, guys. Getting shot in the head.. turning uh, that age I turned – I’m not sure … Continue reading