Young Thai Girl Slits Her Wrists On Facebook Live Over Boyfriend


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Okayyy, another Facebook Live video. Because it’s what’s in style right now. Around 1:30am on April 21st of this year in Pattaya, Thailand, a 32-year-old woman who looks 18(lucky bitch).. obviously thought she was ready to die when she turned … Continue reading

Turkish Man Broadcasts His Suicide On Facebook Live


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Oh boy, another Facebook Live suicide. This time it’s a man from Kayseri, Turkey, and his name is Ayhan Uzun, 54. A few days ago Ayhan received news that his daughter got married without his permission, and he was so … Continue reading

Family of Five Commit Suicide Over Money Issues


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On October 6th, 2016 a tragedy occurred.. besides the one where it was my birthday and I turned the age I turned. A family of five committed suicide over financial problems. Calm down, it wasn’t the Kardashians. It was the … Continue reading