Double Homicide in Brazil


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No real info on this one aside from the obvious. Two men were gunned down riding on a motorbike. The one victim had his head completely blown apart and his brains are soaking into the ground, so he may have … Continue reading

Woman Murdered and Has Her Nipples and Pussy Cut Off


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Hey guys. A Chinese woman was raped and murdered, not necessarily in that order but the important part is that the perp took some trophies with him. He cut the nipples off and also carved out her vagina. All the … Continue reading

Partially Decomposed and Bloated Brazilian Found in the Woods


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A decomposing body was found partially buried in the woods near a neighborhood in the rural municipality of Itabela in the southern part of the state Bahia, Brazil. The body was discovered on the morning of June 5th, 2016 after … Continue reading