Woman Hangs Herself


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At 3 am local time in Pha Chey Chey Village, Svay Dangkum District, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia, a 23-year-old woman identified as Seth Hem was found hanged in her room. Investigators have found no evidence of foul play and the … Continue reading

Two Swollen Fuckers Hanging Out


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What up, Gorriors? Your pal Obli back from the dead and speaking of… what are my favorite kind of dead? That’s right, bloated greenies, y’all know me. No info on either one of these guys but they both appear, APPEAR, … Continue reading

British Man Found Hanged in Cambodia


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A British man traveled to Cambodia for some reason and was smart enough to at least bring a travel buddy with him. However, the man was found hanged in his room an undisclosed amount of time after reaching their destination. … Continue reading

Pantless Guy Becomes Lifeless Guy


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A detainee in a Brazilian prison was found nude from the waste down and hanging with a rope around his neck. Other inmates tried to pass it off as a suicide to authorities. However, their little home movie hints that … Continue reading

Woman Suicides in Sexy Outfit


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A woman committed suicide by hanging in Caldas Novas. Looks like she was getting ready for some sexy time or maybe auto erotic asphyxiation? Authorities aren’t saying, just ruled it a suicide. That’s all the info I have on this … Continue reading

Young Woman Hangs Herself Cuz It’s Trendy


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August 31st, 2017. No telling if this was an actual suicide coming from one of the shadiest and most violent places on earth. She seems a little too dressed up just to off herself. Usually girls who legit kill themselves … Continue reading

Pretty Indian Girl Hangs Herself


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30-year-old Aanchal Pandi was found dead of an apparent suicide in her apartment last month in Dehradun, India. She was married to a prominent businessman named Rahul Pandhi, who owns the Himachal Times newspaper. He claims he found her hanging … Continue reading