Man Casually Examines His Hand Hanging by a Thread


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No idea what the circumstances of this injury were, but somehow or another this man pretty much lost his hand. Just hanging on for dear life at this point, hopefully he can get to a hospital pronto and they can … Continue reading

Woman Gets Hacked with Machete and Suffers Huge, Gaping Wound in Face


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A woman who’s identity has not been released was attacked with a machete on the morning of Thursday, January 14th, 2017 in Nova Xavantina, state of Mato Grosso, Brazil. The woman was attacked while she was laying in bed with … Continue reading

Gallery of Recent Cartel Hits Across Mexico


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@mrspink informs me that the following images are from recent cartel activity across Mexico. Many separate incidents compiled into one collection. Some of the victims were those with drug debts, some were relatives of cartel members and some were police … Continue reading

Mexican Thieves Get Their Hands Chopped Off


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What is one way to make sure a thief never steals again? Apparently you cut his hands off. On Monday, October 17th, six men and one woman were kidnapped from various parts of Jalisco, Mexico, which I can tell you … Continue reading