Bloated Floater Does the Duck Face


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A bloated floater lazily drifted ashore with murder on it’s mind! This putrid, decomposer with the the swollen duck lips was packing heat in his shorts or um… somewhere (I’ll leave it to all y’alls imaginations). I’ve heard of these … Continue reading

Human Bloatation Device of Brazil


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Yes! Bloated Greenies for the motherfucking win! Sorry guys, I just can’t help myself when it comes to the most fascinating of corpses. I only hope that I can leave something as hideous when my ass passes. Body was found … Continue reading

Happy Bloater Found Floating in Santos, Brazil


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No info on this one but a rather happy, pale-faced bloater was found floating near a fishing terminal around Santos, state of São Paulo, Brazil. The fish have had a turn at the unidentified man’s legs, eyes and even around … Continue reading

Bug Eyed Floater Found in Thailand


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Well, here’s a woman pulled from the water in Thailand that will haunt your dreams for fucking ever. No back story or info on who the woman was or the circumstances leading to her death but it’s one hell of … Continue reading