Faceless Man Flopping


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Got something very short but sweet, and pretty gory. I’m no expert but this may have been a shotgun blast either through a suicide attempt or just being an unlucky victim. No info came with the video so I’m not … Continue reading

Guy’s Head is Blown Apart in Homicide


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Not much to this one, just a short set and I have like no info on it other than that it was a home invasion in the city of Fegundes. The intruder or intruders entered the home and blew this … Continue reading

Man Falls Into Wood Chipping Machine


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Fucked up accident coming from Thailand. A 47-year-old man fell into some sort of wood chipping machine and was grinded up pretty good before the machine could be stopped. That basket of gore is pretty badass, though. Why is every … Continue reading

Man Loses Jaw in Accident


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Dude here got in a bad motorcycle wreck. He was knocked from the bike and I’m assuming his face broke his fall. He then went skidding until his jaw was ripped off of his face. Fucking brutal. Wonder if he … Continue reading

29-Year-Old Brazilian Man Killed By Three Brothers With Machetes


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Around 9:30pm on Thursday, December 7th, a 29-year-old man named Marcelo Thomazzette Flores was killed when he was attacked with machetes at a gas station in Santa Maria, Brazil. Marcelo was being chased by three brothers, aged 25, 29 and … Continue reading