Two Men Crushed by Truck Bed


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Good Monday morning, Gorriors. Got some head crushing caranage here for you. Usually we only see one person get fucked over in a workplace accident. This time, we have two! These guys were under the bed of the truck when … Continue reading

Dude Crushed by Steam Roller


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Poor chap here got literally steam rolled in a freak accident. We’ve seen this type if thing before but I never could understood how this could happen. All I can think of is that one scene in Austin Powers. But, … Continue reading

Chinese Man Crushed To Death At Work Due To Coworker Not Paying Attention


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A Chinese man was crushed to death in some kind of machinery while he was working. The man and his coworker were working together when they laid some kind of material down and the coworker walked over to push a … Continue reading