Mother Drops Child Down Escalator


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Remember when I was talking shit about escalators last week? Yeah. Told you so. On Thursday, May 10, 2018.. a mother and father shopping with their child and taking selfies ended up going home childless when while taking a photo … Continue reading

Retro Gore: Christine Shürrer Murders Two Children with a Hammer


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In 2008, a psycho German bitch, Christine Shürrer, brutally murdered two toddlers and attempted to kill the mother of the two children, Emma Jangestig, with 15 blows to the head with a hammer. Torgny Hellgren, the boyfriend of Emma Jangestig, … Continue reading

People Ignore Child Drowning In Crowded Swimming Pool


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Unfortunately, here is another child drowning video like this one.. that was recently taken in Vietnam of a ton of people in a public swimming pool completely ignoring a drowning child right by them. I can’t even wrap my mind … Continue reading