Woman Slings Shit At Tim Hortons Employees


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If you don’t know what Tim Horton’s is.. it’s a Canadian thing. It’s like the Canadian version of Dunkin Donuts.. just fancier. So anywho.. a crazy woman entered a Tim Horton’s in Langley, British Columbia, Canada needing to use the … Continue reading

Canadian Man Lynched After Murdering Elderly Female Healer in Peru


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A Canadian man named Sebastian Woodroffe, 41, who was living in Peru was lynched by locals when they accused him of murdering 81-year-old Olivia ArĂ©valo, a female shaman from the native Shipibo-Konibo people. She was shot twice and died on … Continue reading

Two Girls Found Dead While Backpacking In Cambodia


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Natalie Jade Seymour, 22, from the UK and Canadian, Abbey Gail Amisola, 27, were backpacking through Kampot, Cambodia, in southeast Asia when they were both found dead in a hostel called Monkey Republic Guest House. The girls met last year … Continue reading