Burnt Brazilians in a Mobile Toaster


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Two bodies burnt to a crisp were found inside the burnt-out remains of a car on the morning of Wednesday, February 28th, 2018. The victims could not be identified due to the most of the flesh being blackened to the … Continue reading

Explosion Makes for Some Juicy Human Kebob


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People got exploded and then turned into nice human kebob. But really, that’s all the info that I have to go with for the time being. Video shows that we always wash our meat before we eat it! Props to … Continue reading

What’s In The Bag?!


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On Thursday, June 8th, two burned and decapitated bodies were found in the area of Ybype, Amambay, Paraguay. The bodies are believed to be those of two sisters that were kidnapped at gunpoint from their home in Pedro Juan Caballero … Continue reading