Drug Trafficker’s Head Left in a Bucket


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On January 1st a known drug trafficker identified as James “Mickey” Vulgo was murdered and then beheaded by Cidade Mirim neighborhood in Dias D’Ávila, a city in the state of Bahia, Brazil. Mickey’s head was taken away by the perpetrators in … Continue reading

Young Iraqi Teen Murdered For Looking Gay


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Earlier this month a young 14 year old boy named Hamoudi al-Mutairi was brutally murdered in Baghdad, Iraq. The video of his murder went viral after his killers posted his last few minutes of life where he called out for … Continue reading

Man On A Rope Is Dismembered


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A badly beaten man on a rope.. Fifty Shades of a bad gay BDSM porn gone wrong? A man is shown being lead around by a rope that is tied around his neck. It looks like his soon-to-be killers are … Continue reading

Young Boy Tortured And Killed


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Alright you guys we’ve got an absolutely brutal video here. A boy that doesn’t look to be more than 15 is tied up and gagged. He looks absolutely terrified and for good reason because one of the men cuts off … Continue reading