Woman Brutally Punched By Random Dude In UK


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Gemma Mansfield, a 33-year-old mother of three was brutally beaten by 23-year-old Daniel Jarvis outside of her home in Leicester, England. Gemma was outside with her teenage son when Jarvis came onto her property and started beating her, landing multiple … Continue reading

riGOREmortis Presents: Asian Facials


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Hello Gorriors. Tonight I present Asian Facials, riGOREmortis style. A huge collection here of dead Asian women on the slab post autopsy. All suffering different yet still similar looking deaths. Many feature creepy death stares that are pure nightmare fuel. … Continue reading

Big Time Criminal Beaten and Hanged in Prison


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Big time criminal identified as “Bocao” and described as a “pistol matador”, was brutally beaten and then hanged by fellow inmates. I don’t speak Brazilian Portuguese, or Portuguese Portuguese for that matter, so hopefully one of our friends from Brazil … Continue reading

Man Tortured by Syrian Rebels for Being an Alawite


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Video from Homs, Syria depicts what is being promoted as “US-backed Syrian Rebels” torturing a man simply for being of a different faith. Namely, the man is an Alawite instead of Sunni as the soldiers in the video. Video is … Continue reading