Russian Artist Hazell Kondratieva Commits Suicide


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A 24-year-old Russian artist by the name of Hazell Kondratieva aka Asel Kondra recently committed suicide in Moscow, Russia, when she hung herself out of the window of her apartment building. The video does not show the actual suicide, only … Continue reading

Pretty Indian Girl Hangs Herself


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30-year-old Aanchal Pandi was found dead of an apparent suicide in her apartment last month in Dehradun, India. She was married to a prominent businessman named Rahul Pandhi, who owns the Himachal Times newspaper. He claims he found her hanging … Continue reading

Pretty Brazilian Girl Reported Missing Found Dead


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31-year-old, Jaciara Nicacio mysteriously went missing on March 30th, 2017 in Coruripe, Alagoas, Brazil. She was reported missing and apparently the police thought it was serious enough to put in every effort to find her. Surprising because, well, this is … Continue reading