Rules and FAQs


1. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS – While we firmly believe in freedom of speech that does not mean we will allow anyone on this site to be attacked. You should be well aware of what will be deemed as a personal attack.

2. NO PLAGIARISM – If you’re going to use a source for your information please give them proper credit. You borrowed someone’s work and it is an awful practice to steal it. You deserve to get lynched if you are a thief. In the spirit of fairness, we will do the same. We will give credit where it is due because it is, after all, the right thing to do.

3. NO SPAMMING THE SITE – This includes posting the same comment 150 times, giving out your business links, another’s personal information (AKA doxxing) and/or any illegal activity. This will result in an automatic ban.


There are some things to keep in mind while visiting this site.

We have a three strike rule. Each individual that comes to is given a clean slate and three chances. The three strike rule simply means that once you break a rule, you will be warned. If you break the rules three times then you will be banned from the site. We will be very objective and level-headed. Expect that we will never lack in any given warning to those who failed to comply to our rules. No amount of boot-licking is going to lift a warning. In fact, you are going to be reprimanded if you suck up to any of the moderators. We don’t condone the ass-kissing policy here.

If we believe you’re full of shit, expect to be called out on it. This is the internet and it’s full of liars and bullshitters so if your story doesn’t add up, we will say something. We are genuine and honest to our endeavor and to the persona that we present. We can give you our word that we will never be dishonest or pretentious to our users and guests. However, if a user or guest treats us with foul lies and bullshittery, we would not be as kind in treatment to them as we would to genuine users and guests. If you are not a doctor, do not present yourself as one. If you are not a law enforcement officer, do not present yourself as one. Dishonesty and pretentiousness are condemned.

Debates are always welcome but understand others will have differing opinions. You are allowed to express your beliefs on any topic but keep in mind that others have that same freedom. So do not take up half the post going back and forth with someone using childish insults because they don’t agree with you. Schoolyard insults and name calling are for children. This is a website for individuals who are of legal age. You will be given a warning once a debate is resorted to such behaviors. If you feel strongly about a certain topic, present it in a sense where we feel like we have increased intelligence, not otherwise.

CERTAIN THINGS TO REMEMBER is NOT created as a dating website. Simply put, whores – both male and female, mind you – aren’t given the best hospitality treatment. It doesn’t matter if you’re Miss or Mister Universe, we simply don’t give a fuck. There are plenty of websites that can accommodate to your needs and riGOREmortis isn’t one of them.

Taking responsibility over one’s actions is a must. We are all adults here. Don’t expect anyone to back you up if you do something stupid. Again, I stress that we view things here objectively. If your actions are a violation of the rules then you will be warned. Multiply that warning thrice then you are escorted out of the door. is built on the foundation of ideals and values. We are but a small group of like-minded individuals who gave some money and time to open up a website. We aren’t paid to write and we certainly aren’t a representative of any group other than ourselves. Before you call us out on any absurd claims, please be aware that we are working independently.

Lastly, this is a place where we try to nurture the sense of community, education, relaxation and gore. We highly value the freedom of expression and we urge everyone to give a piece of their mind on what we write. We also like jokes so don’t hold back. We would love to promote sharing too. You can just sit back, relax, follow our rules and we will all be just fine.


Can I use my BestGore account to access this site? Yes! You can use the same WordPress account that you used for any other WordPress site to view and comment on articles, but you have to register with us, as you will have more site options if you do.

How do I change my avatar? Oh Jesus.. please don’t make us answer this question a million times. To change your avatar/profile picture, you must register with with the same WordPress account you are currently using.

Why are there no forums? Uhm.. yeah, because they are retarded, not to mention a security risk. Sorry guys, none of us will be posting naked women on a daily basis, nor will we post pictures of people eating shit. Really? what. the. fuck?

Why was I moderated? Must’ve been a damn good reason, because I mean, we basically have very little rules, so if you are moderated you’re probably an idiot.

Can I become a moderator? No.

Can I contribute gore and where do I submit it? Yes, you can! You can submit it to or go to our CONTACT US form.

Can I donate? Yes. We are in the process of setting that up. We plan to be 100% honest and transparent on our site about everything, and you will know where every penny went. We will NOT lie and make up bullshit reasons as to why we need donations. If you want to donate, we more than appreciate it. If not, we still appreciate you being a member of our site and supporting us. If you would like to donate food, we’d be happy to take it, just make sure it is unpoisoned and fresh, thanks!