Rules and FAQs


1. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS – While we firmly believe in freedom of speech that does not mean we will allow anyone on this site to be attacked. You should be well aware of what will be deemed as a personal attack.

2. NO PLAGIARISM – If you’re going to use a source for your information please give them proper credit.

3. NO SPAMMING THE SITE – This includes posting the same comment 150 times, giving out your business links, another’s personal information (AKA doxxing) and/or any illegal activity. This will result in an automatic ban.


We have a three strike rule. If you break a rule, you will be warned and if you break that rule three times.. you’re out. Easy, right?

– If we believe you’re full of shit, expect to be called out on it. This is the internet and it’s full of liars and bullshitters, so if your story doesn’t add up, we will say something.

– Whatever your beliefs are on any topic, you are allowed to express that but back it up with facts. That means don’t spend half of the post going back and forth with another member about the grass being green when he thinks it’s blue and letting it turn into childish insults. We want REAL debates here with facts and sources. Let’s all learn from one another, not get into a pissing match.

Your experience here on riGOREmortis depends entirely on you. Are you going to be a troll whose only purpose for being on the site is to start shit and derail from the content? Are you going to be an attention whore(male or female) thinking you’re on a dating site and looking for your next hook-up? Or will you be a part of the community interacting with fellow members, discussing various topics, enjoying gore and having a good time? The choice is yours.


How do I change my avatar? To change your avatar/profile picture, you must register with Gravatar with the same WordPress account you are currently using.

Why are there no forums? We have decided at this time there will not be a forum, but that could change in the near future.

Why was I moderated? If you were moderated there must’ve been a damn good reason, because I mean, we basically have very little rules, so if you are moderated you’re probably an idiot.

Can I become a moderator? No.

Can I contribute gore and where do I submit it? Yes, you can! You can submit it to [email protected] or go to our CONTACT US form.
Please remember to include your username so we can credit you.

Can I donate? Yes. If you would like to donate to the site to help with server fees, etc. please contact us. We will be 100% honest and transparent on our site about everything, and you will know where every penny went. We will NOT lie and make up bullshit reasons as to why we need donations. If you want to donate, we more than appreciate it. If not, we still appreciate you being a member of our site and supporting us. If you would like to donate food, we’d be happy to take it, just make sure it is unpoisoned and fresh, thanks!