Woman Slings Shit At Tim Hortons Employees


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If you don’t know what Tim Horton’s is.. it’s a Canadian thing. It’s like the Canadian version of Dunkin Donuts.. just fancier. So anywho.. a crazy woman entered a Tim Horton’s in Langley, British Columbia, Canada needing to use the … Continue reading

Gallery of Recent Cartel Hits Across Mexico


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@mrspink informs me that the following images are from recent cartel activity across Mexico. Many separate incidents compiled into one collection. Some of the victims were those with drug debts, some were relatives of cartel members and some were police … Continue reading

Mexican Couple and Teenager Snuffed Out


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From Mexico. A man, woman and the woman’s 16-year-old sister were found murdered and dumped on the side of the road in an unknown location in Mexico. The two females were suffocated to death by having plastic bags wrapped around … Continue reading

Mexican Thieves Get Their Hands Chopped Off


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What is one way to make sure a thief never steals again? Apparently you cut his hands off. On Monday, October 17th, six men and one woman were kidnapped from various parts of Jalisco, Mexico, which I can tell you … Continue reading