Elderly Woman Falls During Helicopter Rescue

The Tokyo Fire Department royally fucked up when their helicopter crew failed to secure a 77-year-old woman properly during an emergency evacuation. No info on what the woman was being evacuated for, but I’m pretty sure she was better off wherever she was. The crew gets her almost inside the helicopter when something goes wrong and she slips and falls over 140 feet to the ground. To live 77 years in Japan and then have some dumbasses cause your death cause they didn’t do their job right… that’s some bullshit.

40 thoughts on “Elderly Woman Falls During Helicopter Rescue

  1. For once, I’d like to see these pilot idiots pull the victim up out of danger like in this video, but fly over to a safe location and then load the person up, rather than hover way the fuck up there and insist on pulling them all the way up at such a high altitude.
    A forest fire ok, but with all these spectators very close by, safety wasn’t too far away for the risk of loading a 77yr old this way.
    Just dumb!

  2. The so called rescue attempt had to go horribly wrong cause when you have an asshole sitting behind some specialist equipment the one he isn’t much versed with ; all one can expect the outcome to be ; is a big disaster ! . And that’s what it turned out to be .
    The fact that the septuagenarian wasn’t harnessed nor was being winched up securely from the very start ;is enough proof that these guys might have thought of this being just another one of those boring dummy rescue drills .

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    • Ha@thedreman If there was a way out they would’ve surely flown the bird upside down . Imagine rescuers screwing up with someone’s precious life like that . These morons seemed freshers for such an operation paying scant regards to the laid down norms .
      The lady had to lose life because ; for the fuckheads, it was some kinda child play.

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