Man Catches On Fire During Performance

An actor named Ankit from Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India, was playing the part of a mythological demoness named Tadaka in a stage performance when he was burned over 60% of his body on Monday night. The stage actor was taking sips of kerosene and spraying it out of his mouth while causing a burst of flames as if he were breathing fire. The fire came in contact with his clothes which were wet from excess kerosene that dripped out of his mouth and immediately caught fire. Witnesses rushed to Ankit to put the fire out and saved his life. Although, the poor dude is gonna be in a hell of a lot of pain for quite awhile.

20 thoughts on “Man Catches On Fire During Performance

  1. The willful ignorance of mankind never fails to impress me. People have such an undeserved sense of superiority to physics. They think they’re invincible, while everyone else is fragile, and susceptible to injury. But no, not them. They’re far too willfully ignorant to see the inevitable near future.

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