Petty Fight Turns Into Attempted Murder By Car Real Quick

Okay, this is going to be confusing as fuck with all these Vietnamese names, so at least 72.3% of your attention is needed. So, around 4:30am Friday in the parking lot of the Gold View apartment complex in Somewhere, Vietnam, a fight between a man named Huynh Duc Tho, 28, and Ho Phuong Tam, 26, and his family turned serious really fast. No idea what the actual argument was about, but after a whole bunch of verbal punches were thrown, things turned physical. During the fight, Tam stabbed Tho in the chest and side with a knife causing Tho to run to his vehicle for safety. But when he got into his vehicle he didn’t drive to the hospital or even go home to tend to his wounds. He drove right into Tam’s father, Ho Phuoc Lam, and mother, known only as Ms. Huong, while they were getting onto their motorcycle knocking them both to the ground. As far as the translation states.. I think they both survived the attack but were seriously injured.

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  3. Someone perhaps ; a one eyed jack with a foggy lens of a phone camera was filming the entire episode; making every
    subject appear far off and distanced away from the camera eye
    It seems they all were arguing about stale pop corns and stuff …..when Ho Phuoc Lam, and tam’s mother, Ms. Huong let out some horribly smelling gassy farts right in tho’s face who felt almost choked with Tam’s knife stabs and all of the filth inhaled ……hence the altercation commotion and bizarre twists

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