Drunk Couple Fall To Their Deaths While Kissing

Drunk couple, Maybeth Espinoz, 34, and Hector Vidal, 36, of Peru were headed home from a night out drinking at a club when they decided to do some dumb drunk people shit. Maybeth wanted to sit on top of a ledge for God knows what reason so she could make out with her man, Hector. Right as they kiss, Maybeth loses her balance and takes Hector with her. She died instantly and he died later at the hospital after recieving a cracked skull. Gives a whole new meaning to.. “if I’m goin’ down you’re goin’ down with me.”

36 thoughts on “Drunk Couple Fall To Their Deaths While Kissing

  1. Fools die easily . These Modern day fuckwit , Romeo and Juliet got so passionately involved kissing each other that they hardly bothered what would it mean ultimately to be perched up precariously undermining dangers like that , and slipping and falling to their deaths in an instant .
    Long live , “GRAVITY” , for it never ever fails to impress .

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