Man Shot In The Street

Man Shot In The Street

Security footage captures two men sitting outside talking when a car pulls up and things get interesting. The guy talking to the victim calmly and suspiciously gets up from his chair and walks away while two men approach the table. The victim doesn’t try to run or even get up and sits there with his head down probably hoping they’d only threaten him with the gun however one immediately shoots him in the head. The second man comes in and shoots him as well and it’s only then that a third guy sitting at another table finally leaves. Everyone seems strangely calm about all of this so I guess this isn’t out of the ordinary for them.

Thank you again to @re-pete for this one!

31 thoughts on “Man Shot In The Street

  1. Heck ! the guy was too over drunk to retaliate or say anything but the other fella seated next to the slain guy sensed something wasn’t right when the car had pulled over ominously ; but was smart enough in making a right move , just in time by skulking away from the scene ; lest he too would have ended up eating bullets, for snacks with the booze .

  2. His name was Manuel Jose Ricardo Sanchez that was his bar they were at. Manuel sold buttholes on the black market young ones. The guy sitting with him was Todd Smith, butthole smuggling informants, he”s the one who set up the hit. Those people sitting behind them was Manuel’s family with him dead they now own the bar and it will not smell like swamp ass in the back anymore. He had to be stopped, so it was a win win for all except for the butthole smuggler.

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