Man Gets Beaten And Bloody

Man Gets Beaten And Bloody

Hi guys!! It’s Friday but it’s also birthday time! I want to start off by saying happy birthday to @re-pete and @trainwreck !!! I got you guys strippers but I didn’t have much money to afford the good ones so I hope you like dancing, naked grannies. Today’s video is of a guy tied up and lying on the floor. He’s already bleeding but his torturers aren’t finished with him yet. As he’s hit he starts squealing like a piggy and flopping around like a fish out of water. I don’t know what his alleged crimes are, hopefully one of you can translate for the rest of us, but this boy has got some moves. Maybe if he survives this he can join the granny gang and show off his skills.

A big thank you to @re-pete for this video!!

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  1. This is going to sound racist af and im sorry,but why is it,ALL these fuckers sound the same? When they yell in the videos to these guys…lolz…
    Hey @littlefoot and @re-pete many thanks for this porn in spanish..i love watching niggas get flogged to a bloody pulp..though,id prefer to be the bleeding one..still pristine fap footage!šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘

    BTW HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY šŸŽšŸŽ‰šŸŽŠšŸŽ‚šŸŽ‚šŸŽ‰šŸŽŠšŸŽ @trainwreck && @re-pete

  2. Happy birthday @trainwreck and @re-pete, good job adding another year before the grave. šŸ˜›

    I didn’t understood much of what those beaners said, but they mentioned something about “What have you done with the money?” and “at the first and second times we’ll beat you up, but the third time we ask, you’re going to die.” Not sure what’s that about though.

  3. Ha ! seems like the flogger was totally pissed off by the bloke , for doing something unpardonable ; warranting his just desserts and dressing down impromptu .
    The funkiest part comes,when the victim goes like a yo-yo all over the floor . I think the flogging object was either his or the victim’s leather belt, which came in handy for the deliverance of instant justice.

  4. hey im new here and i couldn’t understand much in the beginning but basically he stole drugs or guns multiple times from “el frijol” and he reccorded the video as a warning for others with the same intentions

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