Man Suffers Brutal Injuries To His Knees

Man Suffers Brutal Injuries To His Knees

This is a quick video of a guy whose knees are completely fucked up. Rumor is that this was a shark attack but I’m not entirely sure if that’s accurate. They look to be on a boat or dock of some kind and it could be a quick bite to the legs as a lot of tissue has been torn through but it also looks pretty clean. What do you guys think? Either way he’s in a shit ton of pain and he’s lucky that the shark didn’t bite his wiener off. Also I don’t think it was cool that he was laid down with his injured legs dangling down. That seems like it would be even more painful having your legs that were just halfway taken off dangling down pulling at what is still in tact. Eventually, they put his legs up too so that was sweet of them.

Thanks again to @re-pete !!

49 thoughts on “Man Suffers Brutal Injuries To His Knees

  1. Its not a bright idea to venture out to the sea in your birthday suit when all ya know sharks are great ‘sausage’ lovers . BTW, his seems intact ,but with a big loss to his knees .
    Chunks of flesh from both his ass cheeks will do for now as a graft .
    When in frenzy shark don’t even spare metal cages . This bastard held his luck otherwise he would have been their meal.

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