Old Lady Hit By Falling Utility Pole

An elderly lady in Russia was outside with her dog as an electrician was working on a utility pole in the woman’s yard. I don’t know what the hell happened or the cause but the pole along with the electrician come flying down. The lady sees the pole falling but only steps more directly into its path. The woman died from her injuries.

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  1. She was totally naive and dumb .Seeing the electrician working on the pole should have made her leave the spot at once with her dog but she preferred lingering on taking everything for granted; getting seriously injured and dying later ; all because she wasn’t nimble on her feet like and old feline.
    Sorrily the pole, the electrician and the ladder had to gravitate downwards as the soil bed had a solid pull to it self. Luckily but the dog is left alive in whose name she had willed her entire property including all the neighboring poles and the adjacent gardens and the lawns .

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  2. Hey y’all long time no see. I said I’d be back. If y’all were wondering. My dog passed away. And I’m coming to you guys. In desperation. For some kind of closure. For I don’t know how she died. Other than HGE. She was always sick. She had been sick like this before. So I gave her antibiotics. And she was good for a good while. Then like 5 months later. She starts throwing up again. I give her antibiotics. And she shows zero signs of pain. No whimpering no anything. And I’m bottle feeding her chicken stock. She looked extremely extremely relaxed. Other than her vomiting. After holding down her food. I couldn’t tell she was sick. Then at 5 in the morning. She coughs whimpers once and dies. That was the only whimper she made. I was ready to put her down. Just in case it was parvo. Which it wasn’t. Cause months later my dogs are good. My other rottweilers I have. Haven’t showed any signs of illnes. Parasites, poisoning, nothing. They’re all fine. She didn’t at all poo. It was only after death. When she released her bowels. And I saw her stool was black. That I looked up what that was. At it was blood in her stool. She showed no pain. Only the her throwing up. And it wasn’t parvo. She was sick like this before. Her gastrointestinal tract. But she recovered from it. Just this time she didn’t make it. I think it was canine cancer. Any thoughts my amigos? All signs say HGE. And it came on really fast. And really unexpected. I had other dogs with her. And all of them are healthy. She always licked their buttholes. And vice versa. Always got onto her for that. All of them for that. So if it was anything. They too would have it. Yet months later they’re still here. Thanks. I racked my brain over it. She didn’t even once whimper. Only right before her death. And she was like this before. Thought the antibiotics cured her. I guess I was wrong.

    • All signs say HGE. But I can’t find the underlying cause. I miss her so much. She was a pomchi. Out of all my dogs…I loved her the most. This lil tiny mutt. She was always burping and shit. And had been this way once before. Guess I should have took her to a vet. Maybe woulda found a tumor. But she healed up and was good for months. Then outta the blue she just dies. This time I just thought to myselfe. “It’s just her being sick again. She needs antibiotics.” But it wasn’t an infection. She bled to death from the inside. And she had seizures too. Which I gave her her meds for. And they were the cuteset seizures. She was fatally cute. My other dogs are lazy. Don’t hear anyone coming. Unless they’re at the frickin door. She heard them from across the street. And was always by my window. I took frickin gr8 care of her. Was most protective of her. It’s ironic that she’s gone now.

    • @trustme
      Sorry to hear about your pooch.
      It very well could’ve been a tumor, which is what my last cat had and couldn’t go poo either, only it was on her lower spine to where you could see it. Blood in the little stool that would come out of my cat too.
      There’s probably nothing a vet could’ve done anyway without severely affecting the quality of life of your dog.

      • Sorry for your loss friend. I thought that exact same thing. It had to be in her stomach. Cause one day just bam she was gone. Cancer or a tumor was my guess. I’m glad it wasn’t parvo. Saw a friends dog die like that. That was when I was a kid. And it always stuck with me. So each time my dogs get sick. First thing I fear is parvo. I always have penicillin. Then if all else fails with that. It’s time to go to the vet. So far it had not failed. Knock on wood. Well amigo thank you. And again sorry. I may get a cat. Then I’m still mourning. Just doesn’t seem right. I may get a Sheppard. I always felt she should’ve been a Sheppard. Give it like 3 years or so. @re-pete

        Hell yeah friend dogs rock. Cats and guinea pigs too. Birds not so much. That’s just my opinion. πŸ™‚ my aunt had birds. Which she let me have. Which I done gave away. Just too noisy. Especially in the morning. @Nems

    • Well hello there stranger! Tiz VERY nice to see you again! Im very sorry about your doggy hun! Huge hugs babes! If it was young enough for parvo,is there a chance that maybe it was eating something it shouldn’t be? Like you gotta yard she goes into? I have to agree with others,black shit in general=old blood from somewhere in the stomach area..you weren’t offered an autopsy? You’d think they coulda ran her blood for you..i love animals,but rather from a far..i don’t like up get attached to anything anymore..everything dies and I’m good off all that..I’ll stay alone..shit like this makes me sad,fuck that..im very sorry for your loss hun…

      • Tiz gr8 2cu my friend. Ain’t been here in a coon’s age. Good to see my buds again. How’s it going homegirl? Thanks for the condolences. Rigor had already set in. So I kinda just panicked. And buried her in my front yard. Which was her favorite spot. Couldn’t stand her being that way. Hardening up the way she was. So I just buried her quick. But there’s no chance of poisoning. I always took her out my self. Plus she was smart enuff to know. When ever I snapped or clapped. That it was time to come inside. So if it wasn’t poisoning. Parvo or even parasites. I really don’t know what it was. It was for sure HGE. But I don’t know the cause for it. I read food allergies cause it. I’m thinking it was dog cancer. Something cut her from the inside. And she bled to death. But don’t let that stop you from getting dogs. I read HGE’s a phenomenon. That no one knows for sure what causes it. Like dogs developing food allergies. Here in time I’ll end up getting a cat. I read that they’ll live longer than dogs. Minus the fear of them gettin parvo. Everyone said that she was so cute. But boy she was mean to strangers. And my kinfolk used to make fun of me. Saying I was Buffalo Bill from Iilence of the Lambs. Cause I always keep her hair neat and clean. Brushed it and junk. I recommend you a pomchi. Pomeranian Chihuahua. Take care homegirl. Thanks for the kind words. πŸ™‚ @Ladywicked666

  3. @Trust me – what an ironic handle, following your story. Why didn’t you take him / her to the vet? You can’t say you didn’t you take him because he had been sick before – that’s like saying I’ve had cancer before but got cured, so when I developed cancer again I decided to stay at home and do nothing. Isn’t it ? How did you have antibiotics on hand to just make an assumption the dog had the same symptoms / condition ? Did you not administer the full course last time? If thats the case (its not normal to just have AB for a dog on hand ) then maybe the bacteria wasnt killed off and mutated to be resistant to the AB, so it didnt work this time. Or maybe the AB were old and no longer effective. Who knows ?? Well a vet probably would, dont you think ? Where did you get your vetinary surgeons degree ? So just because the dog vomited, it automatically had to be the same condition as last time ? Surely you know lots of issues cause vomiting and dark stools. FYI – dark stools doesnt necessarily mean blood. It can be caused by lots and lots of things including hepatitis or dehydration.
    I don’t mean to give you a hard time during your grief, but seriously how can you love something so much and not get it medical attention when you know its sick ? I don’t understand that – sorry. I just hope your lil mate didn’t die in absolute agony. Dogs and humans are very different and just because it made only one lil whimper doesn’t mean it wasn’t in pain. Do you cry out or scream every time you’re in pain ? I don’t. I keep it to myself.
    Anyway, I hope you now realise that your dogs are totally dependant on you to be attentive and provide medical attention when its required, and sometimes when its not, just to be sure. Just like you would for a baby. I thought this stuff was fairly straightforward. Sometimes us humans aren’t really very smart at all. Anyway, its done now. Please look after your remaining less loved dogs. They need you………

    • Keep that shit to yourself and fuck you. Enuff said there you fuckin asshole. Dogs vomit all the time you dumb fuck. My dog does that when she over eats. Eats leaves or gets a lil stomach bug. Like she had had many months before this. There’s always gotta be some shit like you. Why didn’t you just take him to the vet? Cause she had done this once before dumbass. Got well and was good for great while. What part of that do you not get? She was not crying and or bleeding. Which if she started doing either. I was gonna end her pain with my gun. The same exact way I’d want to be put down. Or would have tooken her to a vet. But it was 5 in the morning. It was 30 seconds before death. That she finally showed any pain at all. Before that I thought she was doing fine. What vet in your town is open then? There ain’t a Dog ER near me. That shit is in the next county. So to all you said fuck you and good bye. I have dog antibiotics. I also have dog tramadol. And also had penicillin. Along with amoxicillin.

      • Which they give dogs for parvo. Which is what I was looking at. But she didn’t have parvo. And or an infection. Or my dogs would have it. It’s been months since she passed. She was an inside pooch too. It wasn’t poisoning either. It couldn’t have been poisoning. Since you know dog anatomy. And are a fuckin know it all. And want to patronize me. If it wasn’t poisoning. Parvo or whatever the fuck. What the fuck was it then cunt. Otherwise shut the fuck up. Don’t be captain obvious. “You should have took her to a vet!” Me:”I don’t have money for a vet. So if I’m gonna take her. There better be a reason. Like me at the hospital.” You:”Oh well don’t have dogs then! Yada yada yada.” Me:”Well fuck you.” Always someone like you. If you’ve got nothing to say. Keep it to your fuckin self. Cause all you said was shit m8.

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