Gymnast Breaks Both Of Her Knees

Gymnast Breaks Both Of Her Knees

If this doesn’t make you cringe then you’re just a soulless bastard. Last Friday, 22 year old Auburn University student, Samantha Cerio, was performing her routine and while doing one of her tricks she landed wrong and you can see both legs bend backwards. The pain is written all over her face as she sits there. Not only were her knees broken but she had multiple torn ligaments as well. She recently underwent surgery and while it was very successful, gymnastics is over for her. She will be getting married in a couple of months so her focus is on recovering to walk down the aisle. At least there’s something she has to look forward to.

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  1. Her dad had told her not to follow gymnastic as a discipline but she wouldn’t listen even though she knew she was highly fragile ,a porcelain girl ; they used to call her liable to break and crumble any day .
    Now the best of the glue is gonna be required to set right the fragility . Looks like her gymnastic days are over

  2. Gymnastics is brutal on the body. You weren’t meant to land with your knees locked, that’s why they bend. But to get a good score and stick a landing, they lock the knees and sometimes suffer the consequences. And long term, no gymnastics escapes the ravages on all the body’s joints.

  3. These kinds of injuries are the hardest to watch for me. For some reason I’m more comfortable watching a gruesome beheading than I am at sports injuries, go figure? The worst sports related injury I ever had was to tear ligaments in my right knee after a rebound playing basketball. Took about two years to fully heal. And a year after having it scoped.

  4. WTF – IS knee a dirty word ( eg. Knee-grow??) either that or someone needs to give that commentator an anatomy lesson. Those bendy joints in the middle of the legs are called knees – not ankles cum breath……

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