Pedestrians Run Over

Pedestrians Run Over

So many drivers are assholes. This particular situation it could’ve been the driver was a dick in a hurry or just terrible behind the wheel. Surveillance footage shows a congested street with people walking along the sidewalk. A white car slowly drives down the road with two pedestrians walking alongside when suddenly the people are struck by a black SUV. The hit, while painful, was light enough that they could’ve walked away a little banged up but alive however the SUV wasn’t done. You’d think someone striking someone with their car would cause them to stop and get out but this driver keeps going not only striking the white car in front of him but now running over the two individuals he originally hit. The guy in white’s fate is unknown but the other guy got it the worst in my opinion. His head was not only run over but the car stopped on top of it. Eventually they finish rolling over the guy and he’s free with his arms moving but that could be the body’s last reflexes. I’d be amazed if he survived that. I hope the driver has good insurance.

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  1. So the passenger of the black SUV got out and even told his driver to back up, but the dumbass still drove forward leaving his own passenger behind ๐Ÿ˜ฏ tsk tsk tsk tsk….

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