Motorcyclist Road Kill

Motorcyclist Road Kill

Another day, another person run into the ground. The lower body is in tact but most of the upper body is all over the place. There’s streaks of blood along the road and a part of the body a little further up the street. That helmet really didn’t do much for the poor guy in the end.

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  1. For the life of me I can’t figure out what that hunk of meat is that slid down the road. When I was in med school we’d just called shit like that “extras”, and toss it in the “extras” bucket. Sorta like the mechanic who’s got a part and scratches his brain pan trying to figure what it is, or where it goes. Like people, there’s prob many cars out there missing their “extras”.

  2. Seems like another one of those scenes of reckless riding accidents from ASIA . The helmets manufactured there are pretty substandard though but in this case it just withstood all it could take .I wish the rider was strong and sturdy as the helmet itself.
    Now there’s gonna be a memorial built in memory of the rider.

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