Injured Hand With Exposed Bone

Injured Hand With Exposed Bone

I have no clue what happened to this guy but luckily for him the people surrounding him seem to want to help instead of hurt which we don’t see too often. His right hand is covered in blood and upon closer inspection the bone of his pointer finger is out and about. This definitely isn’t a case of a simple broken finger though as there’s rips in the tissue as well like it was hit or got caught in something. Someone drapes a towel over the hand and then he flips his left arm over to show another injury with possibly more bone exposure?

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  1. This kid was holding a bomb that blew up in his hand, some guy said that “he had told him to stop with that shit” but apparently he didn’t listened, now he lost 2 fingers. He’s crying that his hand hurts and was fearing that he had to amputate the other arm because of shrapnel, but others denied that it would be necessary. So it’s just a brazilian being brazilian. πŸ˜†

  2. Now supposingly if he had to play around with that bomb close to his little crotch he’d have ended up blowing his nuts too..
    Brazil is one place where tragedies are a part of their everyday life and they don’t fucking care .

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