Guy Gets Stuck In A Machine

Guy Gets Stuck In A Machine

Look at this lazy bum doing everything in his power not to work. He gets himself caught up in a machine just so he can take the day off. Now they’ve got to take the time to get him out of there and a whole day’s worth of work has been ruined. That is so rude and inconsiderate. Seriously though, working with machines is dangerous as hell and workers are at such a high risk of death even with strict safety regulations. Be careful out there kids!

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13 thoughts on “Guy Gets Stuck In A Machine

  1. I wonder what song was running through the sawyer’s head? That has to be one of the most manly situations known to mankind .. (and I ain’t sure which man am referring to) .. that situation looks sore .. machine accidents are my favourite because the carnage is always amazing .. I wish I could open a wacky and wild factory with lots of different machines. I would “employ” those thoroughly convicted of atrocious crimes and get them to “operate” the machinery .. The factory would generate revenue from pay per view live streaming and it would also do society a favour .. All the different machines we could make!! ..

    • Haha ……@hopingfornemesis True that ..I remember back in the days, that was one band which had their videos as twisted as the Band’s name itself ;not to mention how weird the sisters were with their looks .

      Alright back to the Chinese ways of dealing first hand with the job hazards scarily begs for a grand applause . The rescuers looked so keen in saving their mate that they nearly were to slice him up in to shreds and pieces but thankfully their better senses seem to have prevailed and I hope the guy has been pulled off from the jaws of death.
      One thing is for certain this guy won’t be dozing off or day dreaming any more near those machines.

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