Dead Guy Gets His Close Up

Dead Guy Gets His Close Up

There’s a dead man in the woods but this was no bear attack. He’s been beaten and has a huge gash in his head as well as a missing hand. His legs look to be missing but he’s lying partially on a small drop off so they might just be dangling over the edge. Is that a broken rock next to his head? Maybe what caused the wound on his head? The people standing around sound more like they came across his body as opposed to being the killers so I have little hope that the ones who did this will be caught.

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6 thoughts on “Dead Guy Gets His Close Up

  1. Definitely missing a hand,can’t see the bottoms of his legs either..yeesh,looks like bled out there..thief maybe? Hand in the cookie/drug jar?..maybe he had his hand in someones wife’s cookie jar!😮😵😳😳😵😮
    The possibilities are ENDLESS!…

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