Guy Messed Up After Accident

Guy Messed Up After Accident

Uhh…I don’t really know what’s going on here. This youngster is caught up in something but is that a vehicle? A machine of some kind? I just see a lot of metal parts and one of them is jammed in his head. The kind bystanders try to remove the piece but with little luck. He’s not moving or opening his eyes but I guess their efforts mean he’s still alive. If someone can explain to me what the hell happened here I’d greatly appreciate it.

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  1. They are shouting that he/she is still alive, some guy is shouting to bring him a crowbar while another one shouted to bring a saw instead in the end, and the woman is saying “help them instead of talking, help them! All you’re doing is talking there! Help them!”… πŸ˜† But I’d honestly leave that to… well… more experienced personel that are specialized in removing encarcerated people WITHOUT KILLING THEM in the process…

  2. Ommfg! DONT DO THAT!!… That’s the worse thing that people do!..never,EVER remove something thats stabbed into you! Especially in your head,neck,or chest areas! Go to the hospital,and let a Dr do that!… Think long and hard about that move.. Would you remove a brick,or stone from a dam? NO!!Why?… Exactly!… πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’
    You have no idea with the naked eye,what you may or may not of punctured/severed… If tiz in his head,like it looks like,then they killed this kid,no doubt…rip kiddo!… 😞😭😭😞

  3. Mr. DaSilva had a great idea:. Increase his cow milking machine power by swapping out the little electric motor with a 250cc motorcycle engine. Then he had a bad idea. He tested it out on his dick. This is the result. Too much vacuum. Sucked him right into the machine and wouldn’t let go.

    Okay, probably just another motorcycle accident, but my version was funnier.

  4. I suggest it is a smallerish motorcycle of the usual type found being ridden by two younger men both wearing full face helmets. I also am of the thought that the kickstand is in the down position and has ended up shishkabobbing his neck and head area then for some reason the engine is sitting on this poor sods chest. All the good samaritans are not doing him any good in his current situation. Bummer spot in life for that guy.

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