Guy Is A Little Twisted

Guy Is A Little Twisted

This poor fella has seen better days. His upper body is lying face down while his lower body is on its side with a big gaping wound. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the way the blood has flowed into the ground so beautifully? There’s a second guy who’s also bleeding but he didn’t make the pretty pattern like the other one did. The man standing over the one in yellow seems pretty upset so maybe he knew him.

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8 thoughts on “Guy Is A Little Twisted

  1. 😍😘😍Let me pull on your braids!?!😍😘😍
    If homeboy was Americanized,id probably fuck the shit outta him! The upset one,NOT the dead ones…that’s gross,and for other assholes here,not THIS asshole’s cup of Joe yo!…
    First dead guy,looks hella fucked up..what in the actual fuck?!?…great gore @littlefoot many thanks!❀😍😍❀

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