Crash Causes A Bit Of Leg Damage

Crash Causes A Bit Of Leg Damage

Another day, another accident and more nasty injuries. This guy was involved in a vehicle accident and his legs are in need of some medical attention. There’s lots of blood and the bone in one of his legs is sticking straight out with the foot dangling off. He’s continuously swinging his hands but I don’t know if that’s some uncontrollable reflex, he’s praying or trying to double karate chop. They just gotta slip that skin back over his bone, reattach it to the foot and then stitch him up. He’ll be back to his old self in no time.

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9 thoughts on “Crash Causes A Bit Of Leg Damage

  1. I think he’s having a seizure babes…he flew off that bike,no helmet,that i see.. He most likely has a head injury of some sort,and the misfirings going on inside of it,is causing him to seize(wipe the ground) with his arm! That’s ALL bad right there! He’s gonna need more then a stitching,and bandaids,my love..😞
    Many thanks for all the great new posts @littlefoot

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