Women Get Their Ass Beat

Women Get Their Ass Beat

Nothing like watching a couple of broads brawling on a dirty floor. I can’t really call this a fight, more of a beat down because the girl in blue does nothing to fight back. She starts off talking to the camera and then the other girl comes in swinging with a two by four. There’s a second video with another girl in pink getting her ass beat by the same woman so this chick has some anger issues. It might be gang related or something to do with a guy perhaps. There’s some crotch shots and nip slips so you’re welcome boys!

12 thoughts on “Women Get Their Ass Beat

  1. So from the videos, the two “victims” slept with the husbands of the agressors there, the first one dunno if she slept with one of them but she’s being beaten up for having flirted with one of the husbands at least, and the one in pink slept with both of their husbands and claims that she “didn’t knew they were married”… yeah right… 😆

  2. There’s no way I’m going to curl up in ball while someone beats me, I’m damn sure going to be throwing hands. I would snatch that board other hands and beat her half to death. There’s no way imma let someone just beat on me and not do anything, that’s crazy

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