Man Gets Shot And Goes For A Run

Man Gets Shot And Goes For A Run

This video is a good example of how strong the human body is when pumped up with adrenaline. A guy is in the street talking to a man holding a gun when another in pink runs up behind him and starts firing. It looks like the first shot got him somewhere on his head unless the guy missed or perhaps it hit his hand as he held it up in front of his face. The victim runs for his life but the gunman chases after him firing off more shots and I’m sure at least one had to have hit home. Right as the video ends pinky is walking back and the other guy is nowhere to be seen so he must’ve gotten away. If he is hit it won’t be long before that adrenaline runs out.

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8 thoughts on “Man Gets Shot And Goes For A Run

  1. Often times the first round fired is a miss unless it a near contact shot. The two men were both moving a bit and looked to me in opposite directions and there is a good chance the first shot did not strike him and going by his body reactions I’d say it was a miss. The follow up shots I’d surmise had at least one hit him as he ran away. Probably survived. My .02¢ anyway.

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